The youth branch of a neo-Nazi party has sent out propaganda condoms reading “for foreigners and selected Germans.” A Green party politician was among the recipients. The Young National Democrats (JN) – a youth branch of the far-right National Democratic Party (NDP) – ordered customized single condoms with the slogan on, in what it called on its website a “knowingly provocative campaign.”

“Trousers down, rubber on,” the site reads. Condoms have, it added, been sent to politicians, ministers and foreign lobbyists known for supporting immigration.

Top Green party politician Volker Beck - a leading anti-fascist campaigner - received one of the condoms in the post on Thursday, the Hamburger Morgenpost newspaper reported.

He soon took to the internet to blast the delivery, criticizing the company which makes the Vitalis condoms, R&S. He called on them to donate the money spent by the JN on the condoms to be given to a foundation which works to fight against rightwing extremism and racism.

R&S deactivated its Facebook site for 24 hours due to an onslaught of criticism from users. It then said it would give the money to a good cause, and donate 10,000 condoms to a charity.

It also apologized explaining that it would try harder to monitor the slogans which people put on customized condoms.

“We regret wholeheartedly that such a mistake has been made and that our condoms are being used for propaganda,” the statement, published on Facebook read. “We distance ourselves from the political message and aim and would like to apologize to any vilified parties.”

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Attaching a photo to a job application is normal in Germany, but a study has suggested that women who wear a headscarf in their photo have a significantly lower chance of being invited to interview.
In a study due to be released in full at the end of the year, economists at the University of Linz in Austria examined whether wearing a headscarf affected women when applying for jobs at German companies.

Initial results show that German firms appeared less inclined to invite an applicant for an interview if they were wearing a headscarf in their photo. This also applied, to a lesser extent, for applicants with a non-German surname.

One woman who took part in the study was 23-year-old Sevda Yilmaz. A newly-qualified bookkeeper, she applied to 1,500 jobs with the same CV, using both her name and a German name - Tina Meyer.

She alternated attaching a photo with or without a headscarf on applications she sent under her real name.

Yilmaz was invited to interview for 18 percent of the applications she sent under the name Meyer. This dropped to 13 percent under her real name and plummeted to three percent when she used her real name and a photo of her in a headscarf.

“From an economic point of view, discrimination tends to have two explanations,” study head Doris Weichselbaumer told newspaper Tageszeitung. “Either it lies in a basic aversion towards a certain group, or it is statistical discrimination.”

She said this meant that employers either tended to dislike people who clearly identify as Muslims, or they were concerned that employees would have language problems and thus be less productive at work.

Weichselbaumer argued that companies should not be allowed to ask for photos. In other countries, such as the UK or US, it is not common practice to include one.


This is to notify the general public that Igbozurume Germany Association e.v is an affiliate to Igbozurume Association Nigeria. Igbozurume Association is a cultural, socio-political organisation with a vision:
‘To see an Igbo Nation every Nigerian can be proud of"

’If I may take relief from a particular except enshrined in the constitution of Igbozurume, "Since the aftermath of the civil war, Igbo’s have experienced a steady decline in our social, political and cultural life. The poor image of Igbo’s cannot be overemphasized.

The consequent loss of dignity has also fueled a moral decadence that has manifested in all forms of anti social vices" which has given birth to the deterioration of the moral fiber of the society, the breakdown of social cohesion, the de-spiritualization of the people, the incidence of dysfunctional families and the growth of conflict potential.

The rapidly increasing discrepancies in economic capacity between the rich and the poor, large scale unemployment, mass poverty, disturbing rate of crime, high rate of school drop outs, alarming rate of labor turn over etc. has also been alarming.

Our leaders have not helped matters either as they are constantly at war with each other. The in fighting has led to an overall disloyalty to leadership. Disunity is now the other of the day. For the above reasons the future looks endangered, as confusion and feeling of helplessness seems to have engulfed our people.

We have therefore come to a crucial point in our history as a people, that we must act quickly under the present situation to salvage the situation, which

among others is why Igbozurume Association was established…to enhance but, not limited to providing additional support to other cultural associations in order to restore the lost dignity of the Igbo’s.

This is in line with the Motto of Igbozurume: ‘To restore the dignity of Ndi’Igbo through the emphasis of a Unity of purpose via the reestablishment of our core values, moral regeneration, mutual support and goodwill.’

One of the core values of Igbozurume is to ensure a healthy relationship among Igbo’s, between Igbo’s and other ethnic groups wherever they are found. It is our understanding that the promotion of cooperation, understanding, unity, justice, equality, peace and progress among Igbo’s and those of other ethnic origins, race, religion, political beliefs, sectarian inclination, social classes, standing against injustice and humiliation of the human family is not negotiable.

Primarily, it is the aim of Igbozurume Association to integrate Igbo’s in the Diaspora into mainstream of Nigerian Political and economic life

Igbozurume Nigeria gave Igbozurume Germany Association e.v an assignment/mandate to arrange and organize an International Conference/Seminar on the theme;

Re-Positioning the Igbo Race for a better tomorrow.

This assignment is also in line with the modus operandi of Igbozurume Association as to enable the fulfillment of our potentials in enhancing the building of a great Igbo Nation in this complex socio/political, multi cultural polity called Nigeria, our country, for the benefit of all.

The Conference would hold on the 18 of August 2013 in Hamburg.

We regret any act of Misconduct from any Member cum’ the Misconception/Misunderstanding with particular reference to this forthcoming Conference.

Igbozurume Germany e.v is not in any way in rivalry with NIG Germany, there is no Competition or disrespect on NIG Germany.

I believe we Igbo’s in Germany are in Harmony and we have the potentials to resolve issues through an internal dialogue if need be.

Today, the wind of change is blowing across Nigeria and the people shiver with new hope. Unfortunately, the nation is confronted with a series of intractable problems which may not only imperil its prosperity but may also threaten its long-term survival….if we do not face the facts and do the right things right. We are a ready-made nation; it is high time we become tailor-made.

We have banned second hand clothing and Tokunbos, let us do the same with our ideas.

Necessity they say is the mother of invention. The way forward, let us Think IGBO, State the IGBO Vision, Have an IGBO Spirit and Have Faith in our strength, Highlight our statement of mission, Link the structure, system, strategy, style, skill and resources to the statement of mission, Move towards a one nation society / Redress all iniquities. Recreate hope, collapse boundaries, barriers and frontiers, Rebuild the family, strengthen the community, Renew society, Empower the citizen, ensure a skills and knowledge based nation and Create environment of linkages.

Thank you for your cooperation, enthusiasm, individual and collective efforts and great Contribution of ideas to strengthen the Igbo Heritage in Diaspora.

Yours in the Service:

Sir. JB Onyeke (National Chairman -Germany)

High Chief Dr. Victor Njinmah (National Chairman Advisory Board -Germany)

Kennedy Chidi Adams  (PRO/Media Consultant -Northern Germany section)


Since 2007, anyone planning to become German has to take a test before they can apply for naturalisation, the test known as the Einbürgerungstest aims at getting foreigners gaining German citizenship, the basic information about Germany.

Recently a Kenyan lady from Bad Driburg, Josephine Symalla took part in the crash course before she could get her German passport. She shared her experience and a bit of her life story with SILKE RIETHMÜLLER.

Josephine came to Germany 7years ago from Kenya in search of greener pastures. The trained secretary could not find a job in Kenya and hoped she’d find one in Germany but her training wasn’t recognised in Germany. She has been living in Gehrden with her husband, four year old son and 9 month old daughter since 2007.

Life was tough at the beginning, she says. She couldn’t speak any German and could hardly communicate with others. She took up a language course at the VHS and passed all the exams although she had to leave earlier from the last class as she was expecting her youngest daughter.

The last minute preparations she did at home. “Taking care of a home, two young kids and learning for an exam aren’t easy”, she says, but she had decided she had to pass the exam. “The questions weren’t hard, you only find them hard if you don’t understand the language thus don’t understand what is being asked”.

Now that she finally got the German citizenship, she aims to try and bring her three children from Kenya, where she had left them. The hard working lady who works as a cleaning assistant instead of staying at home with the kids says, she enjoys being in Gehrden and feels at home there. Hopefully, she can now visit her family in Kenya who she hasn’t seen for the past 7 years since she moved to Germany.

The VHS in Bad Driburg, Brakel, Nieheim and Steinheim are now offering a crash course; daily from 22nd till 26th July from 8.15am till 12.15pm where those interested can take up the test within 7days of serious learning. The test includes 33 multi choice questions. One is considered to have passed when they get more than 17 questions correct. The test handles: Politics and Democracy; People and Society; and History and Duties.
Try Test

The most unacceptable, unimaginable and wicked action to take against refugee-children is denying them the right to play. This is a fundamental human right. Most often the status of a refugee in Germany can be described as a person or a group of people without projection. You have no right to work, no right to education & unable to plan and socially weak.

The “Berliner Zeitung” a regional newspaper in Berlin writes, in the neighborhoods of Reinickendorfa surbub of Berlin. The people have built a fence (Berlin Wall) around a playing ground in the “Am Windhalmweg”, thus restricting refugees (kids) from entering.
The neighborhood justified their actions insisting the refugee kids are too noisy when playing, meaning German kids do not even talk to one another whilst playing! Again they play late in the night. Yes why not, if these kids are to wake up early for school, they wouldn’t be found playing around that time.
The governing mayor –(Burgermeister) Klaus Wowereit should be made to resign if he sees nothing wrong denying a group of children their fundamental right to play. Berlin must not tolerate this even for a day

God Bless Germany!
God Bless the Refugees!

Eleven year old Dominik has been missing since Sunday (August 4th, 2013). He left a note with his foster mother before running away from home.

Dominik ran away because he did not want to be sent to a boarding school by his foster mum.

His Foster mother believes he is hiding with friends or his father in order not to attend the boarding school.  His father lives around Rahlstedt (a subdivision in Hamburg, Germany).

All efforts made by the police in order to find him have been in Vain.

He is 145cm tall, slim, short dark blonde hair with a long curly hair at the back of his head.

He was last seen in a white long sleeve t-shirt and grey camouflage trousers. He was also carrying a backpack. At the top of the page is a picture of Dominik.

If you have seen him or know his where about, please contact police station 37 by calling 040/4286-53710 or contact any other police station in Germany.

Compiled by

Ajibola Kolawole


The 6th of July 2013 was the day the misconception in Igbozurume Hamburg and the "Ezeship" controversy was brought to the fore and laid to rest. It was the day members of union from the northern sector of Germany gathered for a general meeting to strategize on the upcoming "World Igbozurume Convention" billed to take place on the 18th of August 2013.

The meeting that took place at the victor’s dinner in Hammer brook saw the Igbozurume general secretary Germany (Ambassador Godson Nwosu) and the chairman of Igbozurume North (Mr. Chris Bernard) respectively giving detail explanation on the intention and objective of the organisation, to its teeming members.

It would be recalled that for sometime now Igbozurume Germany is engulfed in "Ezeship" controversy with different factions making counter claims. At the heart of the issue was the accusation by some group of people that a prominent and respected member of the socio-cultural organisation, Dr. Peter Godwin Onwukwe, "Ezeigbo Igbozurume" Germany failed to fulfil some financial promises which lead to disagreement with his former loyalist.

As a TopAfric Radio reporter, and by the then non- member of the organisation, I attended the meeting to get first hand information on what the organisation stands for and to access the pros and coins. Early I had the opportunity to attend another Igbozurume meeting led by Nze Afam Dike, who is the arrow head of the breakaway faction.

I was fascinated and honoured that (Igbozurume Convention) is about to take place in my backyard. At the gathering I found out what Igbozurume actually stands for.

Igbozurume was founded in Nigeria by Rtd. Colonel General Achuzia "The people’s General" and Igbo leader Dim Odimegwu Ojukwu, notably to disavow the wrong long held view that Igbo’s of South Eastern Nigeria are people without recognition for their traditional Institutions." IGBO ENWEGHI EZE" Syndrome.

In broader perspective, Igbozurume is targeted at bringing together all the Igbo speaking people within and beyond the core five Igbo states, primarily to rekindle and reclaim back the lost grounds occasioned consequently as a direct fall out of the Nigerian/Biafran war (1967-1970) that ravaged its people mainly socially and politically.

In other words, Igbozurume , though a socio-cultural organisation and  non political in structure, yet has an overt/covert political lining with propensity to solicit for Nigerian presidency of Igbo extraction come 2015. This it wants to achieve by reuniting, reconnecting and reintegrating the Igbo nation with a clear mission to fight for her rights and aspiration within the Nigerian geo-political space.

In addition, Igbozurume by its original structure recognises the importance of traditional institution as a platform to garner support for its ambition. It equally encourages within its membership the idea of "Ezeship" stool, amongst Diasporas community to further build a rallying point for the Igbo community, find world wide. By that initiative, has symmetrically disclaim the ranting slogan from "IGBO ENWEIGH EZE“ to "IGBO NWERE-EZE".

For years now, Igbozurume has firmly being established in many countries world wide with branches in 36 states in Nigeria, GHANA, US, BRITAIN, FINLAND and other countries in Asia. The introduction of Igbozurume in Germany was chiefly to re-integrate many who are not updated as to developments back home.

Many at times governmental institutions in Nigeria has fend ignorance of our intellectual/organisation ability to partake in a schemes mapped out for Nigerians in Diaspora, who are mostly labelled as car and spare parts dealers, thus potentially limiting our chances of making positive contributions to our dear country Nigeria.

Since the return of democracy to Nigeria 1999, Governments, both state and national has recognised and recommended people in Diaspora for elective and appointment position without due consultation to Nigerian living in Germany.

Igbozurume by and large are disposed to make in-roads for German/Igbo community to be part of the relevant Diaspora community to reckon with, in Nigerian socio-political culture.
These and many more are some of the advantages the Igbozurume Germany stands to benefit, should we solidly and formidable put up a strong organisation in place the way our Diasporas counterparts in US and Britain are doing.

That includes electing the "Eze" throne as required by Igbozurume structure worldwide, irrespective of who becomes the beneficiary.

At this point having captured my mind on the true meaning and the intent of Igbozurume structure world wide, let me say the "Igbozurume World Convention" coming up soon would be a litmus test to all Igbo’s living in Germany whether we like it or not.

The important of this convention carry a burden that requires no rebellion or ifeajuna mentality. So, if we the marginalized Igbo’s think we are on the right track in restoring the lost grounds as all agreed, then there would be no need to divide Igbozurume in
Germany in many factions.

This is the time to show some sense of ONYE AGHALA-NWANNE YA slogan in us. To whom honour is due lets give to him. If one of us has merited/crowned the Ezeship as the structures in principle advises, let us stop at nothing to crown/recognise that person hence the new slogan "IGBO-NWERE EZE"

Ezeship is not a taboo,and will never be; its numerous advantage are hinged on homage, relevancy, govt recongnition/patronage, ralying point and unity of purpose.

Igbozurume ! Igbozurume !! Igbozurume!!! Onyeaghala nwanne ! Onyeaghala-nwanne !!

Umuibe Ndewo

Adams, Kennedy Chidi


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