2 Thumbs Up To Yohana and The Eritrean Community

Afro News

As the saying goes " United we stand, Divided we fall" that is why our applause goes to Miss Yohana Tesfamariam and the Eritrean community.  Miss Yohanna was the contestant representing Eritrea in the just concluded Miss Africa Bremen 2013 in Germany. Although she didnt win the competition, she won the Topafric Online Voting Competition. The solidarity and support from her people, the Eritreans, was incredible as well as applaudable.

When Topafric online voting started, Miss Benin (Annick) was leading in the poll.  But that didn’t last long.  Miss Eritrea passed the word on her face book wall telling her people about the online voting.  And her people responded tremendously.

Technology makes it possible to track and see where votes are coming from and whom they are coming from. And that is exactly what we did. We watched and tracked as the Eritrean community went to work, they shared the articles we wrote about the competition on different websites, blogs, twitter accounts, and face book walls. They not only voted for Yohanna but also made comments on the page to show their total unbiased support towards their daughter.

We don’t know if all the people who voted for Yohanna were relatives or not but we do know that they showed a huge compassionate support for her.  That was the reason she won the online voting competition.

All we are trying to say is if Africans could work together like the Eritreans did in the Online voting competition, Africa would be the envy of the world.  Africa would be a force to reckon with.   So we ask that everybody learn from this experience and implement this wonderful thing called solidarity between your African brothers and sisters regardless of ethnicity.

Pat yourselves on the back Eritrea.   Great team work!! Two thumbs up to you.

Have a wonderful day



Yohana receiving her award from TopAfric's own Tony Air