700.000 Ghanaians to elect a new President?


Our beloved country Ghana, goes to the polls to elect new parliamentarians and a president. It is our desire that we have a peaceful, free and fair elections. The destiny and future of Ghana lies in the hands of her people.

There is going to be about 15.7 million voters out there to cast their votes. Out of this, practically 15 Million voters have their votes set at AUTOMATIC-VOTE. They will even vote against Jesus Christ, if he is not their candidate!!!

We wish to express our sincere gratitude to the 700.000 patriotic, objective and constructive Ghanaians who are going to vote decisively. For the 15 million Ghanaian auto-voters, please remember we have only ONE GHANA and about 10 million non-voting Ghanaians over there. Please after casting your auto-votes, go home peacefully whilst you wait for the results.
God Bless Ghana.