Exciting Update on our Project "On the Way to Solidarity Tourism"

Foto von Ali Maah auf Unsplash


To all our loyal supporters and those joining us for the first time! We are pleased to share the latest progress of our project with you.

Website Progress:
We are on the verge of reaching a significant milestone: Our website is nearly complete, and we plan to launch it online by the end of the year! This website will be a window to everything we have achieved and the resources we have developed. Get ready to explore a digital space full of information and user-friendly features.

Creation of the manual -Magazine:
We are in the final stages of creating our manual. This essential tool will summarize the best practices and lessons learned during our journey. It will be a valuable guide for those who want to promote a more solidary and sustainable form of tourism.

Valuable Collaboration:
A key aspect of our success so far has been the close collaboration with our incredible partners: the French organization Espace Esprit Leader and the Spanish organization Evolution Consulting. Their expertise and commitment to our shared vision have significantly contributed to the project's progress.

We would like to thank our community for your ongoing support. Your interest and encouragement motivate us every day to move forward. Stay tuned for further updates, and feel free to share this post to spread our message of sustainable and solidarity tourism!

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