The craze of smartphones addiction



Have you ever found yourself immersed in your smartphone for hours, struggling to accept the reality of this modern-day addiction? Trust me; the habit has brought me more embarrassment than I care to admit.

Picture this: As I walked, I collided straight into the streetlights, knocking my head against the poles. I glanced around to see if anyone observed my stupidity.

The other day, my phone led me into the middle of the road. The driver, concerned, stopped the car, opened the door, and kindly inquired if everything was all right. The humiliation reached new heights, and I vowed not to let it happen again.

But the struggle doesn't end there. Even in an office seeking assistance, my fixation on the phone persisted. As you would have thought, I was asked to leave. Determined to break free, I started researching therapy options, only to encounter a therapist who not only made me feel foolish but also extracted a significant sum of money from me.

Embarking on a journey to overcome this addiction, I observed others, hoping to find solace in shared struggles. On a bus from home to work, I discovered a scene familiar to many: almost all 20 passengers were absorbed in their phones. Before I could regain my senses, I missed my station, requiring another bus and an additional train connection. The question lingered how long could this addiction persist?

On another occasion, the bus driver, consumed by his phone, collided with another car. A passenger revealed to the police that the driver had been on the phone since take-off, potentially facing consequences for his actions.

Trains, it seems, are no exception. Are the train drivers, too, succumbing to the attraction of their phones? Dear God, let our pilots be exempt from this smartphone madness, preserving the sanctity of our skies.

Even within the refuge of our homes, the narrative remains unchanged. Days back, families gathered during dinner, sharing moments and discussions. Fast forward to today, and everyone is engrossed in his or her phones, disconnected even when physically present. The most heart-wrenching scenario unfolds in bed, where partners are confined to their phones, not talking to one another and causing unexplained problems.

We find ourselves physically close to people miles away, yet emotionally distant from those beside us. Have we lost touch with the present, or is there a pathway out of this smartphone addiction?

Desmond john Beddy