Audio of Ghanaian Man Shot 3 Times by Hamburg Police (Full Details)


When It Happened
Previous reports of the incident involving a Ghanaian Man shot by a Hamburg police officer stating that it happened on the 2nd of February, 2016 was not correct. The incident, according to eye witnesses, happened on the 1st of February, 2016.

Where it Happened
The actual location where the incident occurred was at Bremer-Reihe-Strasse in Hamburg -/St George

What Happened
According to eye witnesses, the victim, Augustine Akwesi Obeng, a Hamburg civilian, who hails from Boukrom-Kumasi,  Ghana, was drunk at that particular moment and highly disorderly.
A Hamburg police officer in civilian clothes approached him and that was when all hell broke loose.

The eye witness stated that he saw the police officer spray what looked like a pepper spray in the direction of the victim which had no major effect on the intoxicated victim.

Then the eye witness said he saw Akwesi Obeng lunge towards the plain clothed police officer with what appeared to look like a knife.

But the officer was able to kick the object out of the hands of Mr Augustine Akwesi. Immediately then after the officer pulled out a gun and shot Mr Augustine Akwesi in the leg.

The eye witness then said even though Mr Augustine Akwesi went down on his knees after the first shot, the officer proceeded to shot him two more times.

Eye witness said the officer shot him twice around his mid and upper body sections.

The vice president of the Ghana union, Mr George Kubi, contacted the Chief of Hamburg Criminal Police division, Mr krupper to get more detailed information but was not afforded any further info on the outrageous incident.

The victim who layed down on the street in unbearable pain was later rushed to the hospital where he is stated as being in critical condition.
Story by Michael Duah