On Wednesday, 1. February 2017, an African was shot by Hamburg police at Bremer Reihe near Hamburg main train station. Different sources and witnesses say, the Black man was under influence of alcohol during the shooting. Other circumstances are not clear yet. However, some Hamburg police has become highly aggressive and uncontrolled with the manner they approach Africans.

There are many reports which prove how the police in Hamburg has developed an aggressive energy of mistreatment and violence against Africans at Hafenstraße, St. Georg, Bremer Reihe etc. We want to remind you of Africans like Oury Jalloh, Jaja Diabi and Laya Condé who all died at the hands of a racist German police . The brutality and killings of these Africans by German police without any legal consequences should not allow to encourage Hamburg police to start the new method of shooting at Blacks.

*Lampedusa in Hamburg and other anti-racists groups reject these violations of human dignity and respect!*
This is a vital and amiable call to the civil society: Let us rise against police brutality, violations of human rights and mistreatments of Africans! 
Show your dear solidarity and be part of this demonstration! Let us all stand up and stop this unjust Hamburg police attitude!