Africans have lost everything?


Why are we not proud of our own Culture and Tradition? Why are we ashamed to present our culture with pride? I was at the office yesterday and I overheard a conversation between a Group of men, about how Africans and especially African women sell themselves out. And here are some of the things they said.

I heard there is a new fashion going on among African women and ladies and that is wearing an Indian traditional dress called SARI. I was told that in Nigeria and Ghana today as a woman you don´t belong to the high society if you don´t have at least one piece of this Indian attire. So now let’s ask ourselves, what is wrong with our Kente, Ankara,Kampala  and Kangas ? Why can’t we wear it with pride? Also ask yourself, will an Indian woman ever wear an Ankara or Kente?

We also talk about the Phenomena of the Indian hair, Brazilian hair, Peruvian hair e.t.c. Even basket mouth talked about it when he came here to Germany.  He said all those fake hairs we African women wear don’t make us any attractive but it depreciates our worth.  I have to say that I am also guilty on this matter because I myself also wear all this fake hairs. Why can’t we just leave our natural hair? So I have taken the decision to go natural.  If we take good care of our hair it can also grow long and look beautiful. I heard about a trend going on in Japan where people try to make their silky hair look like a ‘fro.  There is a revolution going on in the US now where more black women leave their natural hair in its natural state.

Even our politicians send their children to school abroad because they believe that anything made in Africa is worthless. They even deposit their money overseas and that way they are helping other economies to grow stronger. What about our Africa, who is going to build it?

And last why do we have to bleach our skin?!?!  Is it because of low self esteem or is it because we just don’t appreciate ourselves and we want to be white at all cost? Thereby mutilating  our beautiful skin.  

So picture this, an African woman, bleached, dressed in a sari and wearing an Indian or whatever hair. I know and am not hurting anyone’s fundamental human right. Everyone has the right to dress or look how he/she pleases, but something is wrong somewhere.

Africans wake up!!!!