The yearly Ghana Tribal football match organize by SOLIDA Foundation and sponsor by Time DAOU Media UG as just started in Kumasi distric with the first match between Kusaases and Moshie.

We decided to organize this football match because we believe that sports is capable of uniting people especially those of dissenting beliefs. As was seen in this match, it was so beautiful to see the Kusaases and the Mamprusi peacefully engaging in competition not on a winner/loser endeavor but to drum the message home that though people may differ in their beliefs or may be competing for a common interest it is possible to live in peace and harmony.

The Solidarity for the Development of Africa, a not-for-profit and a non governmental organization, wishes to appeal to the good people of Bawku to consolidate the current stable and peaceful atmosphere of the area. As one people with one language and a culture you have a challenge to prove to Ghana and the world that you may have your differences like any other people but you are capable of burying them

by your own effort. We urge you to forgive each other and cultivate the forward moving spirit. The power to forgive and the desire and spirit to leave the bitter past is the only secret that can give hope to your children and prosperity.

The Germans and the Jews, and the US and Japan and many others had their bitter past but today they are making the best of global partnership which has brought mutual development to their people and the rest of the world. What would have been the fate of their current generation if they  had refused to let go their bitterness? Though difficult let us tell ourselves that it is possible and we can do it. Your children and future generations deserve a chance to enjoy the good things of life like others in other parts of the country and the world but the key to this is in your hands.

We however, wish to appeal to politicians to desist from exploiting conflict situations for political gains. It has never helped the politician or the people. Power that was gained on the basis of exploitation of the

vulnerable was likely to be taken away by the same means.

We also wish to commend the security forces for doing a professional job which has brought calm to the area. We as a civil society group shall continue to offer support within our means to ensure that lasting peace is brought to Bawku and all other parts of the country.

Message from Dawouda Oumar and Aberinga Milton ( Founders of SOLIDA Foundation)