Late President Mills never compromised with the Media Mafias


About 80% of negative stories the media used to report about the late President John Evans Atta Mills were absolutely incorrect, false and fabricated. It’s because the President refused to pay them bribe in order to promote his government

“Even his (President Mills) own people, I mean party men hated him because of the truth he stood by in discharge of his official duties”

Asked to identify by their names, Bobie cowardly replied “they know by their fruits and locations they meet.

“Have you ever been tipped (favored) by the late President?” asked Okuoba. “I could remember, President Mills gave me 100 new Ghana cedis for my transport after having conducted interview with him. Even Koku Anyidoho jokingly teased me “that’s Old Man for you, he would never give bribe.”

These were revelations by Nana Kwabena Bobie Ansah, a radio journalist and a program host at Asempa FM “Ekosii sen”when he was being interviewed by Okuoba Gyasi of Hot FM last Tuesday morning program.

When asked to give a brief description of the late President Mills, Nana Bobie retorted “He was “Asomdwehene”, Father for all; Uncle Atta; Agya Atta; Father for the vulnerable, the voiceless as well as the destitute. I personally called him “Papa”- He was more than a father to me”

“Late president Mills had suffered in the hands of his traitors, those who used abusive words to him. He could have exercised his veto powers to instruct to discipline those “FONKA” boys for their misconducts but he forgave them”

“I personally believe in the principles of consciousness, Because Prof. Mills kept repeating the word conscience, Human conscience - several times to me”.

Nana Bobie continued “whenever I did a program and it went wrong, he would call to advise me on how to conduct and control myself behind the console”.

Okuoba Gyasi enquired to know, if these pieces of advice were in place, what prevented him (Prof) making them public?

The suspended radio presenter swiftly replied “Have you ever had a bad, vagabond and indiscipline child before? Do you advise your wife if she misbehaves? If so, do you ever unveil her (wife’s) attitude in public? That’s Prof. Mills for you.”

Asked to comment on institutions and individuals demanding to know the cause of the President’s death.

Nana Bobie stressed “I can say, a lot of people are sick especially, some flag bearers are having kidney problems and other diseases. Late President Mills had never denied he was sick. He came publicly to confess to the nation and added that, this (Sickness) could not prevent him from discharging of his duty to the nation”.

“I however suggest that, the dead is gone but all impending aspirants need to undergo medical check-ups before they resume offices “

According to reliable sources, seven pathologists had performed the postmortem examination in presence of Dr.Cadman Mills and other relatives and the results were delivered to the family. This is a private matter and confidential issues.” Nana Bobie lamented

“On this note, I wish to state that, opposition NPP can not use the death of President Mills on their campaign platforms and expect to win votes”

Nana Kwabena Bobie Ansah however concluded his story and added that,” President Mills never dies, Ghana will not die…I salute President Mills and wish him “damirefa due”. May his soul rest in perfect peace in the bosom of the Living God”.

Report by: Mensah Dekportor (Hamburg)