Rejoinder: Causes of divorce among Africans in Germany 

Phooto by Andrei Lazarev -Unsplash


When we read Desmond’s article, it brings up important questions about cultural integration, legal complexities, and challenges within tribal and cultural relationships in African marriages. While it's crucial to acknowledge and respect the marital customs and traditions of both parties, it's equally important to examine the impact of these unions on the individuals involved and their expectations.

Marriage among Africans can be uniquely challenging due to differences in cultural, tribal norms, and financial expectations. Navigating these complexities can be daunting for couples aiming to establish a successful relationship.

We need to be aware of how African marriages are influenced by factors such as religious beliefs, gender roles, and financial expectations. Understanding these dynamics can help us see potential sources of conflict or strain within these relationships.

Additionally, looking at divorces among African couples it provides insights into specific issues faced during marital dissolution. Patterns related to financial problems, adultery, differing perspectives on gender roles or family dynamics, and challenges from associates become very evident.

Is Desmond’s article specifically related to Kofi Boateng? He's 40 years old and has many children with multiple women. Were these relationships consensual, and were the expectations realistic? Are these women having children with different men after him? Some women prioritize finances in potential husbands, while others focus on sexual attributes and "swag." Regardless of academic achievement, women often seek spouses with similar or higher academic levels, expecting them to be the main providers. Some are also looking for spouses to provide a certain lifestyle.

Some men want to live an easy mode life, having a couple of drinks and smoking weed, seemingly unconcerned with responsibilities. Surprisingly, these men often have the most children with multiple women. While their lifestyle might seem a reason for women to distance themselves, women often want to become the saviors and game-changers for these men.

In conclusion, by critically examining Desmond’s article on the topic of African marriage in Germany and its implications for individuals and the diaspora, we can gain a deeper understanding of how unrealistic financial expectations and unawareness of roles, duties, and responsibilities impact relationships.

Tano Omaboe