TWS Deutschland: A Premier Container Services Provider in Germany

T.W.S. Deutschland GmbH, Hamburg


TWS Deutschland stands out as a top-tier container services provider in Germany, excelling in forwarding, shipping, clearing, and warehousing. A subsidiary of VanUden, this company has firmly established itself as the leading container service provider to Africa, particularly along the western coast. Strategically located at Schlengendeich 15, 21107 Hamburg, Wilhelmsburg, the Hamburg office boasts one of the largest container depots, providing customers with a relaxing and stress-free atmosphere for container storage and loading.

TWS Deutschland specializes in forwarding, shipping, clearing, and warehousing, offering unparalleled expertise in each of these domains. Their comprehensive approach ensures a seamless and efficient experience for clients seeking container services in Germany. Led by Mr. Lawal Adiguna (Eddy) and Mrs. Michelle Karakus, the company's well-trained and competent staff members contribute to its multicultural environment, representing a diverse blend of professionals from around the globe.

Competitive Pricing and Reliability:
Recognized for offering the best prices for 20 & 40-foot containers in Germany, TWS Deutschland boasts a history of 99.9% reliability. Not only do they ensure timely delivery, but they also prioritize the safety of goods during transit. The company has forged partnerships with reliable entities worldwide, facilitating smooth customs clearance for their customers.

Social Responsibility:
TWS Deutschland goes beyond its core business operations by actively engaging in social responsibility initiatives. The company sponsors and promotes community-based projects, particularly in the African community. Notably, TWS Deutschland has been a steadfast supporter of the prestigious African Youth Education Awards held annually in the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce for the past 10 years. Furthermore, the company provides internship opportunities for students of all ages, contributing to educational and professional development.

Contact Information:
For those seeking reliable and customer-friendly container services, TWS Deutschland GmbH is your best choice. Located at Schlengendeich 15, 21107 Hamburg, you can contact them during office hours from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. Reach out to them via phone at +49 (0) 40 2530 71714 or fax at +49 (0) 40 2530 71717. Explore more about their services at

Choose TWS Deutschland for a trustworthy, competent, and socially responsible partner in container services. Their commitment to customer satisfaction, coupled with competitive pricing and a strong sense of social responsibility, makes them a preferred choice in the industry.

Desmond John Beddy