The Genesis of TopAfric


TopAfric stands as a registered non-profit organization headquartered in Hamburg, with its genesis dating back to 2005. Our overarching vision revolves around empowering Africans through education and integration. As migrants ourselves, we understand that education forms an indispensable part of the integration process, serving as the cornerstone for effective settlement and adaptation to our new environment. Education encompasses not only the acquisition of the local language but also a profound understanding of the culture, in our case, the German way of life.

Our belief is rooted in the premise that the careers we forge, as well as the recognition and respect we command, hinge on the bedrock of education. Indian diaspora offers a compelling testament to this philosophy. They have showcased worldwide that education, economic success, and integration can coexist harmoniously while preserving cultural values.

At TopAfric e.V., we extend a comprehensive spectrum of educational, professional, social, and cultural guidance. We orchestrate workshops, seminars, and panel discussions, among other initiatives, to systematically dismantle barriers hindering integration. Our organization has evolved by tailoring programs and solutions that directly address the unique challenges faced by the African community in Germany.

"One of our friends eloquently encapsulated TopAfric's impact by stating, 'The institution has made a significant impact despite having limited funding. "The institution is a pacesetter; trust me, we all aspire to either match or surpass TopAfric."

Historical Evolution

The roots of what we now know as TopAfric e.V. trace back to the Ghana World Cup supporters' initiative in 2005, created in preparation for the 2006 World Cup hosted in Germany. Subsequently, this initiative transformed into, a dynamic social media platform with various features, including a photo portal and news feed.

In June 2010, TopAfric Media Network emerged as a multimedia company, launching a community radio station in October of the same year. This evolution even included a kids' program called KidsRadio, which featured young talents like Anita Acheampong, who co-moderated the AYEA 2022 and 2023 events. This journey reflects our commitment to shaping the future today.

Innovation in Response to Challenges

TopAfric has always been at the forefront of innovative solutions to address social challenges. Its origin as a non-conventional non-profit organization stems from its unique genesis. The challenges encountered during the African Youth Education Awards (AYEA) were instrumental in the transformation of this initiative into a non-governmental organization. AYEA has been a blessing and a curse…

AYEA – African Youth Education Awards

AYEA stands as one of our most cherished and prominent non-entertainment programs, spearheaded by migrants of African descent in Germany. Conceived in 2011, the program's inaugural edition took place the same year under the name "African Youth Education Excellency Award." Its primary objective is to illuminate the significance of education as a key determinant of success for young migrants with African backgrounds, inspiring them to embark on rewarding career journeys.

The History of Ghanaians in Germany -Book

Desmond John Beddy's "The History of Ghanaians in Germany" holds immense value for diverse sectors of German society, spanning universities, academic institutions, cultural and social centers, and migration-related offices. Offering historical and sociological insights into the Ghanaian presence, the book enriches understanding of German society. Its integration into educational curricula promotes cultural diversity, fostering inclusivity and multicultural awareness among students. Accessible in social centers, the book stimulates discussions on multiculturalism, migration, and integration, fostering community engagement.

In cultural centers, it serves as a key resource for cultural exchange, deepening understanding of Ghanaian culture. Complementing workshops and conferences for African migrants, the book facilitates dynamic platforms for dialogue. Collaborations with various institutions ensure widespread dissemination, making the book a cornerstone in promoting cultural diversity, inclusivity, and interconnectivity within German society.

Internship Opportunities

Throughout its existence, TopAfric has provided invaluable internship opportunities to numerous students. However, due to limited capacity, we cannot fully meet the demand for internships. Nevertheless, we have supported several students with reference letters to bolster their academic endeavors.

Girls' and Boys' Day

We actively participate in Girls' and Boys' Day, offering fifth-grade pupils exciting apprenticeships, insights into potential career paths, and encounters with role models in various professional spheres. This initiative addresses the significant deficit in our communities, where many of our children lack access to prominent German companies.
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Our Ongoing Initiatives

Over the years, the institution has been instrumental in providing a range of daily services and projects to the community:

Daily Services:

  • Welcome center for orientation
  • Student counseling for those studying in Germany
  • Assistance with visits to authorities and medical professionals
  • Identifying educational and employment opportunities
  • Career guidance
  • Legal advice
  • Mediation and interpretation, especially in basic schools in Hamburg
  • Support for educational pathways
  • Empowerment through coaching, mentoring, and personal development
  • Administrative and official advisory services for children, young people, and families


  • AYEA – African Youth Education Awards
  • Radio TopAfric – Community Online Radio
  • Youth Leadership Programme
  • WE – Political Education
  • Desire2Write – Writing Makes You Strong
  • KidsRadio – Radio for Kids
  • Erasmus Projects – European Union Projects
  • School Building in Ghana

In conclusion, we firmly believe in the transformative power of supporting and uplifting others. By fostering the growth of others, we, in turn, enhance our own development. We invite you to join us on this journey of change.

 You are the very change you aspire to see.

Desmond John Beddy