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Desmond John Beddy


By making a positive impact in someone’s’ life, you also make a positive impact in your own life. Positive energy is like the ripple made by the paddle of a fisherman, the ripples go as far as the end of the river even though the visibility decreases but the energy spreads. May we endeavour to make the African Youth Education Program greater by contributing generously in varied ways as individuals and institutions?  

Today, if we succeed in making the current African youth in Germany successful, they will contribute to make our sons and daughters successful tomorrow by not only being role models but also inspiration for the next generation. We either do it today or risk losing the African talents of tomorrow. Do you want to risk the professional and personal growth of the next generation of African youth in Germany?

Take a deep reflection on your past!
Let’s be reminded of whom we are and what we used to be. Many are those who feel the conditions aren't right and are waiting until situations are perfect before going to impact others. The fact is, you might not have the opportunity and privilege to serve others, and time and tide wait for no man. In the meantime, you can impact the youth and community by volunteering time, providing pro bono services, mentoring some few youth and importantly contributing financial resources in the best way possible towards the professional growth of the next generation.

Nothing comes from nothing!
The farmer must put seed in the soil but must also ensure the conditions are optimal for germination and growth of the seed for a better harvest. The African community has come a long way! The first and second generations have weathered so much stress, tension and missed varied opportunities for professional growth and same must not be the story for the current generation and their successors.

We must set goals, have a destination in mind and know where we want to be in 10, 20 and 50 years. Let’s have an agenda, and set strategies towards achieving our needs.

Let’s come together to make AYE great, let’s support one another and above all let’s choose selfless leaders who are capable of transforming our African communities across Germany. The state is not obliged to support us; it is you and I who have to help strengthen our structures, help strengthen our institutions, help strengthen our communities and above all help the next generation to be more successful. Be the positive change you want to see in the World!

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Desmond John Beddy