Hamburg to Host the Prestigious -African Youth Education Award- “AYE AWARDS”

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Hamburg Germany: The African Youth Education Award Project is a youth developmental initiative designed to promote innovative and positive changes in the African communities in Germany. “Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today” And if you think education is expensive, try ignorance.

Young immigrants of African origin in Germany have low educational level. A relatively large proportion of these kids rarely achieve the A level -/Abitur, besides a large proportion of them end up at junior secondary school or drop out completely. This is quite disturbing.

Another major problem is the lack of incentive to these kids. It must however be noted that motivation is crucial for success in the educational system, It has not been possible for the German school system to compensate for these deficiencies in school children of African descent.

Children from African homes have significantly little or no motivation to learn as compared to children of German origin. One of the reasons is the lack of role a models in the African communities. The consequences are, among others, the lack of integration and participation in society.

The aim of the project is to raise the educational and professional achievements of young African origin by empowerment approach. The awareness of students of African origin on the importance and significance of education for their social and professional integration in Germany.

In the nutshell the project is to motivate African kids in Germany to study and constantly bring them into contact with role models in the society.

Eligible for Awards:
Africans who have successfully completed a vocation -/ trade in Germany
All first year university students in Germany with African background

Students can still register at /AYE AWARDS.

The following dignities were present last year to grace the occasion:
H.E. Paul King Aryene, Ghana Ambassador in Germany, Ambassador Patrick Okoye, Nigerian Ambassador in Germany, Mrs Maloto Alidah Mpeta (Lesotho Embassy) Mrs Connie R. Nuwagaba (Ugandan Embassy) Mr Jan Pörkesn, (Staatrat) Deputy Minister for Social, Family and Integration (Hamburg), Mr Dietrich Wersich, (CDU) Opposition leader (Hamburg), Mr Huy-TamVan, CDU (Member of Parliament), Stephan Bührich, Honorary Consulate of Ghana, Mrs Corinna Nienstedt “Handelskammer Hamburg” Chamber of Commerce.

The 2nd African Youth Education Award is taking place in Hamburg at the Albert-Schäfer-Saal, “IHK” Adolphsplatz 1, 20457 Hamburg. The date is Saturday 20 of October 2012; the program begins at 18.00 – 22.00

Organizers are grateful to the following institutions and people for their relentless assistance:

Ghana Embassy Berlin, Nordkirche Weltwiet, Dr. Armah Biomedicals GmbH, UMT (Universal Money Transfer), ASA ROYAL Hotels, Balimaya Ton Hamburg, Ghana Consulate Hamburg, His Kingdom United & Imasi Chambers of Kiel.

Patrons to the project are Ghana’s Ambassador to Germany H.E. Mr. Paul King Aryene, Dr. Benjamin Armah, (Director of Dr. Armah Biomedicals), Gerald Asamoah (Footballer) and Otto Addo (Trainer)

Mr. Desmond John Beddy (IT Specialist)

Mr. Iyare Allan Imasi (Lawyer)

Mrs. Fofana Ba Hawa (Systems Engineer)

Mr. Assignon Akakpo (Corporate Jurist)