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The shuttle bus conveying  high ranking officials of the National Patriotic Party (NPP) Foreign Branch last week had a stop in Stuttgart to rally behind the inauguration of the party´s regional branch  in  Baden Württemberg,  Germany . 

NPP Stuttgart has been in existence several years back and had contributed enormously with effective logistic programs as well as financial support to the Osono (elephant) family both at home and the diaspora as a whole.
In his opening remarks,  Mr Kwaku Gyinde, the  NPP Communication Director, Germany Branch explained to the fully parked audience  at the Flamingo Weg Auditorium in Neugereut a suburb in Stuttgart , the  initiated policies, especially the Free Senior High School  which Nana Addo Dankwa has promised Ghanaians  as laudable and workable,  contrary to those pessimistic  propagating against it.   “We promised Ghanaians to establish National Health Insurance Scheme in 2000, we were able to stick on the promise by delivering  the NHIS and many benefitting projects  in the country.  What is going on in the country after they wrestled power from us?  Nothing but politic of lies, mismanagement of our rich resources and uncountable corruptible cases, hence the need to vote them out, eschewing  rampant payment of unapproved governmental debts like the case of   WOYOME  “ Mr Anane Gyinde concluded.

The chairman of the NPP Baden Württemberg , Mr Kwaku Appiah , who also served  8years long as the chairperson of African Union here in Stuttgart in his vote of thanks message also seized the opportunity  and urged the crowd to  inform their families, friends as well as their associates about the NPP introduced comprehensive policies which he thinks is sustainable to move the nation forward in terms of peace, stability and development . “ The NDC government has failed drastically, the  economy  is deteriorated, fragile and  uncontrollable.  Corruption has reached its highest index  in history and we need competent and reliable men to shape our country into economic recovery, restore hope and recapture our dignified International status, exceptional , under the belt of Sahara”.        Mr Kwaku Appiah added.
Meanwhile, the president of Ghana and Flagbearer of  the National Democratic Party (NDC)              His Excellency His  John Dramani  Mahama , has however, warned those  destroying his reputation to guide their languages . He made a solemn pledge  during the launch of NDC  Manifesto in the Volta Region that his government would do anything necessary to combat and eradicate corruption if Ghanaians endorse their second term mandate.  President  Mahama  pivoted on  a four solid  important  structures, namely,  Building  a Strong  and Resilient  Economy,  Investing  in People,  Delivering  a Transparent and Accountable Governance and above all , to speed up  Infrastructure and Development.  The NDC 2012 Manifesto, according to the incumbent, is to consolidate the   Better Ghana  Agenda , a legacy of  the late Ghanaian President, Prof.  John Evan  Atta  Mills who passed away a decade ago  of a cardiac  attack.  

Defending the issue of corruption alleged by  the opposition parties in general  quite recently  by the Media world, the  president of the Republic of Ghana , His excellency John Dramani  Mahama  rebutted  that  it is irresponsible behavior  when leading political figures make such baseless  allegations , and as such has thrown a challenged to appear to any appropriate institutions to defend the insinuated corruptible charges leveled  purposely to destroy his good image .

Among the dignitaries who honored the invitations were the Executive members of National Democratic Congress Stuttgart, including Mr. Alexander Anane Okai, and Nana Ankrah Quainoo.        Mr. Tunde Sadiq, of African Union-Stuttgart,  Nana Addae Owusu, President Brong Ahafo Union , Stuttgart,  Representatives of local Church Clergies, Ethnic Union,  as well as  international  Media , namely, Oman Ghana FM, Stuttgart, Sankofa Radio, Stuttgart, Radio Africa Africa Stuttgart, Africa Courier publication, Heidelberg , and Radio Akwaaba FM, Mannheim respectively .
Well, the political heat is on and Ghana  is undoubtedly  been gripped by a contagious  election-fever and all the registered political parties are strategically  on the throats of others with  dangerous slogans of intimidations, harassment and  threats to the highest  treason  as well as all rough tactics to win the incoming elections. But one thing is clear, no matter how the temperature rises the winners are the Ghanaian Voters and that is why the very voice calling for peace should be solemnly respected and welcome.  

In his key notes that also end as a closing remarks  of the inauguration, Mr Dwamena Yeboah  the chairperson of the NPP Germany Chapter , cautioned  all his political colleagues both in government and those eventually  to be enlisted in legislation to exercise patience and  extreme caution in their  dispensary  notes, both verbal and written,  especially,  as the nation embark on the 5th electoral transition  in the fourth Republic.  According to Mr Dwamena, it is the responsibility for all Ghanaian politicians to protect  the merit and good image the nation has achieved and continue the principles and true values of democracy  outstanding  in the region and Africa in general.  “Politics is all about issues, commitment and delivery  of promised  policies and that is why I am appealing to Ghanaians to vote NPP and their presidential candidate Nana Addo Dankwa into power, because , records demonstrate that the National Patriotic Party is capable and reliable to steer  the ill and mismanaged economy into recovery” . He said further that NPP have competent and visionary men embarked in “Operation Restore Hope shuttle” that is why the Germany Chapter  has recently  presented a 12 Seater Mercedez  Benz  valued about 20.000 Euros to Nana Addo and Bawumia´s team at the party´s headquarters as a widow´s mites to enhance their electioneering rallies  and by God grace´s  NPP will recapture the presidency and deliver diligently to the nation.

Well, December 7th is set for the general Election in Ghana and the message that the Germany branch of the National Patriotic Party has catapult across is that, Ghanaians should trace up  their footprints in Ghana political history, and what the OSONO Family has delivered so far is    incomparable in terms of good governance,  development, the rule of law and accountability.
If another definition of Politics is about serving your nation in truth and honesty then the verdict is on your court, Ghanaian voters.  But don´t forget we have an individual role to play between the frontline. Our intuition to discern right from wrong, to avoid any provocation that might ignite into violence  and above all vote wisely to shape and strengthen our democratic dispensation.
  Long live Ghana long, long live democracy in Africa.   
 David Adu Boahene (Founder, Radio Africa Stuttgart)
Media Practitioner Germany