Hamburger Sparkasse (HASPA) a prominent bank situated in Hamburg, Germany, donated the sum of 2.000 € (Two thousand euros) to IMIC e.V on the 14th of November 2013. The donation from Haspa was given to Mrs. Sylvaina Gerlich, Chairlady of IMIC, by Mr. Andreas Meyer during an award ceremony at the Walddörfer sports club. Mrs. Bettina Behrens, leader of the branch located at Bramfelder chaussee 493 was also present.

This donation originated from the lottery-savings Sparkasse customers. Customers can win up to 50.000€ with a 1,00€ input every month. The lottery costs five euros and four euros gets saved from there. 25cents is donated to a good non-profit organizations such as Brakula, Freiwilligenboerse, and IMIC.

With 2,5million euros collected, over 100 non-profit organizations in Hamburg benefit from this lottery system every year. Each organization is recommended by a Haspa branch.


Ladies and Gentlemen, we would like to introduce one of our energetic radio presenters at Topafric Radio, nineteen year old Christian Kenou. Christian studied media at the Media school of Hamburg, Germany. He co-hosts the show called “Hot List” with Bola every Monday between 6pm – 8pm German time.

Christian is a very energetic young man with the ability to be the life of any party. He has the genuinely to effortlessly entertain you endlessly. He is like the energizer bunny; he keeps going and going and going.

He loves listening to rap music, boxing, jogging, cooking and most especially dancing.
He aspires to be a big and popular radio host with the passion to bring the best out of up and coming artists in and around Germany.

Watch out for him because the sky is the limit for this very important.

Ricky Ross (Topafric)

Seeing Tomorrow Today is the Key to Success! The African Youth Education Award Project is a youth developmental initiative designed to promote innovative and positive changes in the African communities in Germany. “Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today” And if you think education is expensive, try ignorance.

Young immigrants of African origin in Germany have low educational level. A relatively large proportion of these kids rarely achieve the A level -/Abitur, besides a large proportion of them end up at junior secondary school or drop out completely. This is quite disturbing.

Another major problem is the lack of incentive to these kids. It must however be noted that motivation is crucial for success in the educational system, It has not been possible for the German school system to compensate for these deficiencies in school children of African descent.

Children from African homes have significantly little or no motivation to learn as compared to children of German origin. One of the reasons is the lack of role a models in the African communities. The consequences are, among others, the lack of integration and participation in society.

The aim of the project is to raise the educational and professional achievements of young African origin by empowerment approach. The awareness of students of African origin on the importance and significance of education for their social and professional integration in Germany.

In the nutshell the project is to motivate African kids in Germany to study and constantly bring them into contact with role models in the society.

Eligible for Awards:
Africans who have successfully completed a vocation -/ trade in Germany

All first year university students in Germany with African background

Students can still register at /AYE AWARDS.

The 2nd African Youth Education Award is taking place in Hamburg at the Albert-Schäfer-Saal, “IHK” Adolphsplatz 1, 20457 Hamburg. The date is Saturday 19 of October 2013; the program begins at 18.00 – 22.00

Organizers are grateful to the following institutions and people for their relentless assistance:

Ghana Embassy Berlin, Nordkirche Weltwiet, Dr. Armah Biomedicals GmbH, UMT (Universal Money Transfer), ASA ROYAL Hotels, Balimaya Ton Hamburg, Ghana Consulate Hamburg, His Kingdom United & Imasi Chambers of Kiel.

Patrons to the project are Ghana’s Ambassador to Germany H.E. Mr. Paul King Aryene, Dr. Benjamin Armah, (Director of Dr. Armah Biomedicals), Gerald Asamoah (Footballer) and Otto Addo (HSV; Trainer), Dr. Hans-Joachim Tesmer & Honorary consul Dieter Härthe –Senegal, Honorary consul Stephan Bührich (Ghana).

The following dignities have been present to grace the occasion:

H.E Paul King Aryene, Ghana Ambassodor to Germany
Ambassador Patrick Okoye , Nigeria Embassy Germany
Ex. Senator Dietrich Wersich (CDU)
Priv.-Doz. Dr. Benjamin Armah (Patron)
Staatsrat (Deputy Minister)  Jan Pörksen, (SPD) Behörde für Arbeit, Soziales, Familie und Integration; (Ministry of Education Hamburg)
Jürgen Klimke, (CDU) Bundestag Abgeordnete Berlin -MP
Elombo Bolayela (SPD) Abgeordnete Bremen MP
Honarary consul Stephan Bührich (Ghana)
Honarary consul Dr. Jens Peter Breitengroß (Kenia) &
Vice President, IHK (Chambers of Commerce) Hamburg
Honorar y consul, Bettina Rhensius-Krohn (Mali)
Minister George De Souza, Ghana Embassy Berlin
Minister Sitwala Mapenzi, Namibia Embassy Berlin
Minister Connie R. Nuwagaba, Uganda Embassy Berlin
Minister Maloto Alidah Mpeta, Lesotho Embasssy Berlin
Huy-Tam Van, (CDU) Abgeordnete –Hamburg -MP
Linda Asamoah, wife of football star Gerald Asamoah
Dr. de Lorent Behörde für Bildung Hamburg – Director Ministry of Education Hamburg
Mrs Corinna Nienstedt “Handelskammer Hamburg” Chamber of Commerce.

Mr. Desmond John Beddy (IT Specialist)

Mr. Iyare Allan Imasi (Lawyer)

Mrs. Fofana Ba Hawa (Systems Engineer)

Mr. Assignon Akakpo (Corporate Jurist)


Mr Azo guy aka DJ Azote did his 35th birthday bash Saturday 31.08.13 at “Umdenkbar” a renowned club in Hamburg. The party was well organized, but as we all know, our black community have their own Watch ”African Time”. People started coming in at 1 o’clock.

The club atmosphere was very nice, the ambiance was also beautiful. As you know the title of the event was Afro ladies night but it turned out to be a multicultural event. There were people from Italy, Ivory Coast, Turkey, Cameroon, Togo etc…All the ladies were looking beautiful as usual.

Dj Madman also spinned  that day, he played the best and finest in Afrobeats and everyone danced and danced till mama came calling.

Azo’s Birthday bash was a success and we all had fun

Written by Christian Kenou & Ajibola Kolawole

The mobilization committee of the Ghana Union in Hamburg shall today 30th of June 2013 be visiting the studios of TopAfric radio. They shall be hosted on the popular “Open Your Eyes” weekly program, which comes every Sunday at 8pm, hosted by Kennedy Chidi Adams.

The following: Mr Kubi, Nana Aminado, Nana Kurankye and Miriam Ama Kotoka are going to inform the listeners about the goal and objectives of the committee.
Call 040 25491970 to contribute positively to the welfare of Ghanaians in Germany.
Click to listen: 

Kennedy Chidi Adams 

Africans have a serious problem of always being late and it is hindering us from moving forward. It is a cause for concern. In some cases it is fashionable to be late but definitely not a fashion to boast or brag about. Being late is the character of a lazy, un-organized and discombobulated individual.

This has fast become a part of our entire community and desperately needs to be addressed. Is it life threatening? The answer is NO. Is it a habitual problem? YES. Does it benefit us as a community? I say “Absolutely NOT”.

Sometimes it is referred to as “African Time” but I will label it a disease and name it “Africans Always Late Syndrome” (AALS).

This disease runs widely through the African community. Do I hear a guilty laugh? Are you one of those that fall in the 90% group diagnosed with this syndrome?

Think about it …

How many times did you wake up at 6am (giving yourself an extra hour) to get ready for work and did not leave your house until 7:55am despite the fact that you have to be at work at 8am?

How many times did you ever have the pleasure of seeing the bride and groom actually arrive on time to their own wedding ceremony?

How many times did you ever make it on time to your doctor’s appointment?

How many times did you tell a friend or date that you were on your way when you know damn well that you still needed to hit the shower?

How many times have you shown up for party two or more hours later than the time it was scheduled to begin?

How many flights have you missed and convinced yourself it was traffic when you know you could have planned better?

I could go on and on but I think you get the picture. This is not to you Africans who are almost always on time but I can bet that your boyfriend, husband, girlfriend or wife, brother or sister should be reading this article. Yes, I mean the one who runs late to almost every event.

AALS (African Always Late Syndrome) poses a potential problem in our African community and hinders our growth in a society where time is money.

Imagine not being chosen for a lead position at your job because you are always 2 minutes late for work. You think people don’t notice? They do.

Imagine always coming late to church. You think it’s cool to make a grand entrance? Not in the eyes of the Almighty God!

You just might be late for your own salvation and miss your opportunity into the Promised Land.

Imagine arriving late on your first date with a friend or someone of interest. It leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

How about that job interview? Being late could easily ruin your chances.

What we owe each other is respect

We cannot keep expecting that everyone else will be late to a function. No matter how you see it, it is a bad habit. We need to reflect within ourselves in order to fix this problem of time and lateness and not dwell on the fact that Africans are always late so it’s acceptable, because it is not.

I don’t know about you, but I hate waiting on people so I don’t make them wait on me. This is about respecting someone else’s time.

If you say you will meet someone at 3pm, be there at 3pm. If you show up at 3:30pm, then you show no respect for the other person’s time.
They could have been doing something else other than waiting for you.

In a worst case scenario, if you try your best to be punctual and circumstances simply don’t permit you to be on time, then call the waiting party and be honest as to where you are as well as when you think you might arrive. That is showing respect.

It is time we realize that little things such as AALS (Africans Always Late Syndrome) can lead to bigger issues that might not be solvable. I will like to challenge all of you reading my point of view to go to your next event on time. Do not be late.

I’m sure many other people will like to learn about your on-time experience so drop a comment below


As part of its effort to establish social, economic, security and good governance, the Government of Nigeria paid a familiarization visit to Germany to understudy how these important areas of government works.

The delegation was led by Mr. Bassey Okon Akpanyung, director of National Planning Commission of Nigeria also known as “Ministry of Planning” solely responsible for formulating medium term and long term economic and development plans for the Nation.

It must however, be noted that both countries run federal systems of Government. Whilst the states in Germany formed the federal Government, In Nigeria the Central Government established the Federal States.

Germany has 16 States, a president who acts solely as a ceremony head, with real executive powers in the hands of the “Bundeskanzler. Nigeria having 36 States and a president with executive powers.

The tour took the delegation to many places including “Bildungswerk” in Wiesbaden, where they understudy the political systems in Germany, and also visited “KFW Entwicklungsbank”.

The delegation also met the Mayor “Burgermeister” of Kusel, Dr Stefan Spitzer and paid a courtesy call on the police head, where they understudy also how the police administration in Germany works and enforces their laws.

Their visit was to facilitate the process of developing a wide range of documents for the effective and efficient operation of the Government of Nigeria's social systems.

The group was in Hamburg, where they met leaders of the African community, which was led  by the prominent Nigeria lawyer, Allen Iyare Imasi and Mrs. Sylvaina Gerlich of the Hamburg Integration Council, they discuss social, economic and political  issues.

The delegation met with Hon. Jürgen Klimke, (CDU) Member of Parliament representing Hamburg in Berlin, and Mrs. Corinna Nienstedt of the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce where they discuss matters pertaining the formulation and implementation of Government policy on matters pertaining to trade & industry in Germany.

The African Press:
“The role of the media in the socio advancement of Nigeria as a country and the African community in Germany is indispensable” says, Desmond John Beddy, CEO of TopAfric. Also at the meeting was Mr. Tony Airhenbuwa, Program Director of TopAfric Radio.

Among the Government of Nigeria delegation are Mr. Ntufam Fidel Ugbo, Esq Secretary NPC, Mr. George Chukwuka Nwalupe, Director Social Development.

The rest are Mr. Rafiu Oyegbude Ibraheem, Ag Director Economic Growth Dept, Mr. Michael Abua Egbudu, P.A to the Secretary to the Commission. Mr. Henry Famakinwa CPO, Infrastructure and Mr. Joseph Dominic Okoh  P.A to the HMNPC.

The delegation was accompanied to Germany by Mrs. Hildegard Behrendt -Kigozi who is the head of Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung in Nigeria.

The delegation was received in Hamburg by Mr Andreas Klein of Konrad-Adeneuer-Stiftung

''We are very happy and impressed on things we have seen here in Germany during our tour to understudy numerous areas in governance, we are taking this Knowhow  back to Nigeria, to help transform and strengthen good governance”. “Besides the people are very discipline and conscious of time” Said Mr. Bassy Okon Akpanyung.

Kwadwo Yeboah BREMAN /

The Diasporas is not only an integral part of the Ghanaian community, but plays a significant role in the socio-economic development of our beloved country. I think at any giving opportunity we must interact and explain government policies to our people. And I am more than delighted in doing this.

The Ghanaian Minister for Works and Labor Relationship, Hon. Nii Armah Ashitey, was in Hamburg Germany on a short private visit to participate in this year’s Homowo festival. Nevertheless took the opportunity to meet the Ghanaian Community in Hamburg.

Among the several questions he took was, if there is a reliable statistic on the labour market, the electoral challenges in Ghana. Job creation, more particularly among the university graduates, attitude to work, corruption and other matters.

He opined that it was a shared responsibility and challenge to formulate and implement policies to see how the issues of unemployment amongst the youths will be addressed as long as he heads the Ministry.

Why is it that you people remain in your five star hotels, refusing to dialogue with your people? "I must confess, everything in our country has become politics, people in higher institutions or positions are extremely careful as to what to say. If the president on official visits has time to meet his people, I think we ministers must do likewise.

On the issue of corruption, he admitted it has become a nation canker; we concur and sympathize’ every bad thing in our system. The fight is not however lost, if we could discontinue and discourage this fast spreading evil. Most often people assume, only people in higher positions are the bad nuts in our society. The driver giving the policeman bribe is as corrupt as the police officer.

The challenges are much, but we must endeavor to succeed. On the issue of the highest level of corruption at the entry ports, which affects almost all Diasporas; he insisted, the home coming Ghanaians should try to contact the appropriate institutions so as to be updated with current information.

On the issue of the electoral challenges facing the country, the learned judges are mandated by the constitution to take decisions that are in the paramount interest of Ghana.

The participants also suggested to the honorable minister to understudy the German dual system of education that has known only success all these years.  Emphasis should be on training skilled labour, like carpenters, plumbers, electricians and other trades.

He thanked the gathering for their high sense of maturity. We have only one country in the name of Ghana.

God Bless Ghana!
God Bless Germany

Kwadwo Yeboah BREMAN /Desmond John Bedddy


I know a lot of our people will be annoyed by this article. But I’m not talking about shooting, cutting or stabbing. No, I’m talking about economic war! If not now, then when? God knows the Asians declared an economic war on blacks decades ago and their success has been phenomenal. They literally came up with a plan to take every dime out of the black Community. And that’s exactly what they did. They never have nor do they intend to give it back either.

"Asians who set up businesses in the world don’t care to entice black Folks. Because we are their food; their economic slaves. Slaves that have fattened the pockets of generation of Asians while contributing to the economic demise of our own people. Their main objective is to exploit us the blacks and take our money out of our community". said an old man in Mumelmannsberg (a subdivision in Hamburg, Germany).

Because of this mind boggling questions which have no answer, TopAfric went the extra mile in and around Hamburg to find the reasons why black people like buying from the Asian shops rather than their own Afro shops.

Some of the blacks who spoke on condition of anonymity said the reason is simple that some of the black Afro shops sell their product exuberantly.  The prices are unreasonable high and it does not entice them to buy from the black Afro shops.

Also comparing the same product in the Asian shops and the Black shops one can find out that buying from the Asian shop is much better than buying from the Afro shops.

A woman who spoke to TopAfric said the reason why she buys most of her products from the Asian Shop is because most Afro shops want to make enormous profits on all products they sell but the Asians are content with the little profit they get on each item.

She also said she will continue to buy from the Asians because on her assessment their product always looks fresher than the Afro shops.

TopAfric's findings also revealed that black women spend thousands of Euros a year on hair products sold by the Asians.

According to the owner of one of the busiest Asian shops located in Hammer brook -Hamburg, where a lot of blacks frequent, "it is very true that most of our customers are black".  Comparing their prices to the black shops, you find out that theirs are cheaper than the black shops. That is the main reason and there is no secret behind why blacks like doing business with them.

A research conducted by indicates that Asians control 80% of the distribution of black hair products in Germany.They tightly control both retail and wholesale distribution. And as we speak, they are closing in on the remaining handful of black manufacturing companies that have managed to stay afloat. How were they able to get this monopoly? During the late 1960′s the Korean and American governments came up with a plan to help the Asian impoverished/war torn people survive by selling to blacks.

"Black folks have very little understanding of economics. Black women attend church every Sunday with fresh Asian hair on their heads, sending millions of Asian children to college while their own kids end up in prison. No preacher to date has said “stop letting the Asians exploit you.” No preacher has suggested a boycott or lawsuit or trying to break this monopoly."  fumed a German who added his voice to why blacks buy more from the Asian shop.

Going on further he told Topafric .com that looking at the nature of their products it always passed the quality control test before selling to their customers.

On the issue of blacks patronizing their product, he commended the blacks for having faith in their business and their products and asked that they will be very happy to do business with the blacks always. Maybe we will extend our business to Ghana and all the African countries.

Kwadwo Yeboah BREMAN /

The management of TopAfric Radio today played host to organisers of Miss Culture Africa Germany at Wansbeker Chaussee, Hamburg -Germany. The organisers of the Miss Cultural Africa, -MCA, used the visit to solicit the cooperation of the African Community and other race ahead of the grand finale of the pageant slated for Friday the 2nd of August 2013.

Also they appear on the popular program AFRICA LSITEN which is hosted by Kwadwo Yeboah BREMAN:
Receiving the organisers of Miss Cultural Africa Germany beauty pageant, the Programs Director Tony Airhenbuwa commended the initiative of the pageant to partner with the Station, he expressed delight over the nature of the beauty pageant said the caliber of the beauty queens who will be participating in the pageant, shows that the event is of International standard and will portray the rich African culture.

TopAfric is known for quality programs and events aimed at improving the society, hence the need to partner for the success of the Miss Cultural Africa Beauty Pageant Germany.

Organizers of Miss Culture Africa Pageant thanked the management of TopAfric Radio for the audience.
Also the organizers of Miss Cultural Africa pointed grey areas of the beauty pageant said is a non-bikini pageant aimed at celebrating beauties with brain and discourages indecent dressing amongst African students and to Show the rich cultures Africa have to the rest of the world.

They pointed out that the visit was a guided tour of TopAfric Radio digital transmitting facilities and to annouce to the world of the upcoming Event which will be Held in Germany, Le Royale Eventsaal Hermann-Buck Weg.

On air were: Ariking Omini, Lilian Kunu, PhilCollins Kwaku Agbedanu, Twelve Stones, DJ Ruffy.
Artist who will be there to perform are Nana Acheampong, Kelly Handsome, Ogene Nze; Culture Music of Africa and Shidodo.

Kwadwo Yeboah BREMAN


Blasts near the finish line of the Boston Marathon killed two people and injured more than 20 others Monday, Boston police said.

"It felt like a huge cannon," a witness told CNN about one of the blasts.

The marathon itself, on its Facebook page, referred to the blasts as bombs. Authorities did not say immediately what caused the explosions.

Massachusetts General Hospital said it was treating 19 injured people; Tufts Medical Center reported that it was treating nine people. Combined, that brings the number of injured to at least 28. Police reported 22 people injured.

The explosions sent smoke billowing into the air at Copley Square, turning a site of celebration into a mess of destruction.

Crowds had gathered in the area to watch the runners.

Out of an abundance of caution, the Lenox Hotel was evacuated, the Boston Globe reported, as authorities looked into possible security concerns.

"We are currently in contact with federal, state and city officials," Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick wrote on Twitter.

Other cities, including New York and Washington, tightened security as a result. Following standard protocol, the White House cleared out an area in front of the West Wing.

"If you see something, say something," Mark Boughton, mayor of Canbury, Connecticut, wrote on Twitter. "All cities will be on a heightened state of alertness per Homeland Security protocols."

Mike Baingon, who works at the Atlantic Fish Company in Boston, said an explosion took place in front of the restaurant and that he was right by the front door at the time.

The explosions occurred at about 2:45 p.m., more than two hours after the first of the race's nearly 27,000 runners had crossed the finish line, CNN Producer Matt Frucci reported.

The race was halted as was subway service into the area.

Runners east of Massachusetts Avenue were directed to Boston Common; those west of Massachusetts Avenue were directed to Kenmore Square, the state's emergency management agency said.

Troops from the Massachusetts National Guard were assisting police as well.




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