Nigerian Delegation pays Official visit to Germany


As part of its effort to establish social, economic, security and good governance, the Government of Nigeria paid a familiarization visit to Germany to understudy how these important areas of government works.

The delegation was led by Mr. Bassey Okon Akpanyung, director of National Planning Commission of Nigeria also known as “Ministry of Planning” solely responsible for formulating medium term and long term economic and development plans for the Nation.

It must however, be noted that both countries run federal systems of Government. Whilst the states in Germany formed the federal Government, In Nigeria the Central Government established the Federal States.

Germany has 16 States, a president who acts solely as a ceremony head, with real executive powers in the hands of the “Bundeskanzler. Nigeria having 36 States and a president with executive powers.

The tour took the delegation to many places including “Bildungswerk” in Wiesbaden, where they understudy the political systems in Germany, and also visited “KFW Entwicklungsbank”.

The delegation also met the Mayor “Burgermeister” of Kusel, Dr Stefan Spitzer and paid a courtesy call on the police head, where they understudy also how the police administration in Germany works and enforces their laws.

Their visit was to facilitate the process of developing a wide range of documents for the effective and efficient operation of the Government of Nigeria's social systems.

The group was in Hamburg, where they met leaders of the African community, which was led  by the prominent Nigeria lawyer, Allen Iyare Imasi and Mrs. Sylvaina Gerlich of the Hamburg Integration Council, they discuss social, economic and political  issues.

The delegation met with Hon. Jürgen Klimke, (CDU) Member of Parliament representing Hamburg in Berlin, and Mrs. Corinna Nienstedt of the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce where they discuss matters pertaining the formulation and implementation of Government policy on matters pertaining to trade & industry in Germany.

The African Press:
“The role of the media in the socio advancement of Nigeria as a country and the African community in Germany is indispensable” says, Desmond John Beddy, CEO of TopAfric. Also at the meeting was Mr. Tony Airhenbuwa, Program Director of TopAfric Radio.

Among the Government of Nigeria delegation are Mr. Ntufam Fidel Ugbo, Esq Secretary NPC, Mr. George Chukwuka Nwalupe, Director Social Development.

The rest are Mr. Rafiu Oyegbude Ibraheem, Ag Director Economic Growth Dept, Mr. Michael Abua Egbudu, P.A to the Secretary to the Commission. Mr. Henry Famakinwa CPO, Infrastructure and Mr. Joseph Dominic Okoh  P.A to the HMNPC.

The delegation was accompanied to Germany by Mrs. Hildegard Behrendt -Kigozi who is the head of Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung in Nigeria.

The delegation was received in Hamburg by Mr Andreas Klein of Konrad-Adeneuer-Stiftung

''We are very happy and impressed on things we have seen here in Germany during our tour to understudy numerous areas in governance, we are taking this Knowhow  back to Nigeria, to help transform and strengthen good governance”. “Besides the people are very discipline and conscious of time” Said Mr. Bassy Okon Akpanyung.

Kwadwo Yeboah BREMAN /