Why Do Africans Think All White People Are Rich


I have encountered occasions where some Africans make statements like “You are white, so you have money”, or “You are white, so you are able to pay for anything” or “All the white people are rich”.
So I ask myself what causes this way of thinking. Then I came to the following different conclusions below:

The first reason is the media. Germany for example is normally presented as a rich country in the media all around the world. They show the world that there are lots of jobs and developed infrastructures.

But this is not right; there is another side too. 
What about all the homeless people who can’t afford anything? The old people that can´t pay for their medicine or food. Children that go to bed hungry. The single mothers who don’t have enough income to provide everything the children need. The media often neglects to report this side of the story. 

The next reason goes back to history. Africa was always rich. So white people came to the continent with their weapons, robbed it, killed out tribes, enslaved and oppressed the people.

Why did they do that?

To get more and more money. So it is believed that since White ancestors robbed Africa out of its wealth years ago, their descendants are all wealthy today.

But the truth is while a handful of White ancestors might have robbed Africa off its wealth, majority of their descendants did not and are not profiting from that today.

Another reason I think comes from some Africans themselves. Some Africans travel to European countries and buy either used clothes, cars or phones at a very cheap rates.
Then ship it back to Africa to be sold to Africans who sometimes cannot afford these items. 
This gives Africans back home the notion that all white people are rich if they can afford these items.

The last reason:
So often I hear a lot of people say that Africa is poor and the people have no money. 
Or that the entire continent is not developed. Or Africans have no education and they need white people to help them.

But this is not true. 
There are many places in Africa that are well developed (South Africa, Ghana, Morocco, Nigeria, Algeria, and Egypt, just to name a few) and people can afford more things than a lot of white people cannot. 

There are also a lot of Africans that are much better educated and have more knowledge than plenty of white people.

In summary, I don´t think that money makes you rich nor does it make you poor. I have seen a side without all the material things I have here in Germany. I lived in a non-materialistic world. When I woke up in the morning I felt the sunshine in my face, heard the kids calling my Name, and saw the neighbor bringing fresh fruits from the garden to me. I felt some kind of richness in my soul that no money could ever give me.

So for me it has no significance, if someone has money or not, because it doesnt mean that you are happy or not happy.

So please stop thinking about who has more money, there are much more important things in life.  
Like Bob Marley said "My richness is life forever". 

Janina Grabbert