Meet the Fabulous Kolawole Ajibola


Dear readers and listeners, we would like to introduce one of our radio presenters at Topafric Radio. Her name is Kolawole Ajibola but she goes by Fabulous Muah. Miss Ajibola is also a student at Leipzig University here in Germany. She is majoring in African Studies. She is the co-presenter of the show “Hot List” along side Christian Kenou. They interview all up and coming young artists within Germany. The show comes up every Monday 6pm – 8pm German time.

Bola, like she is fondly called, is also the coordinator of Topafric’s African Youth Education Awards 2013. This is a yearly event that awards kids (of African Origin living in Germany) who attain admission into Universities as well as kids who graduate from Universities here in Germany.

Bola is also a very good writer with a journalistic instinct. She has the knowledge and foresight of breaking down important issues so that the average reader can comprehend the matter at hand. She wrote a very controversial article entitled “Mistakes Africans make while organizing beauty Pageants in Germany”. (Click here to read the article) This article got over 1000 hits within days and was a hot topic in and around Hamburg, Bremen, and Hannover.

She is 21yrs old, loves listening to Bob Marley, dancing, watching movies, and having fun. Although she admits to giving her best when it comes to cooking, this young talented lady gives her best whenever she is given an assignment or whenever she embarks on any project herself.

Watch out for Miss Kolawole Ajibola a.k.a Fabulous. This flower is yet to blossom. She will fabulously blow your mind away when she does.

Ross Penn (Topafric)

Check out her video interview below: