Asmara Explains The Challenges Eritrean Refugees Face in Germany


Asmaras World-Refugee Support makes it their mission to help helpless people who have been expelled from their homelands through terrible catastrophes. Asmara herself who is from Eritrea does a lot to support Eritrean refugees here in Hamburg.

WDR news network spoke with Asmara and two other Eritrean refugees about the challenges and difficulties most of the Eritrean refugees face in Germany.

Asmara, Musi, and Awad summarized the entire challenges facing the integration of the Eritrean refugees. They ranged from most of the Eritreans having a huge language barrier to most of them being too shy to communicate with others. A lot of them cannot speak English or German and this difficulty alienates them from both the German and English speaking society.

They also pointed out that since Eritreans are respectful people, they do not tend to argue with the authorities. They are easily intimidated by authority and when they get a "NO" response, they tend not to push any further. Eritrea is a country ruled by an authoritarian regime in which human rights violations are widespread.

Eritrea owes its notoriety largely to its national service, nominally 18 months of compulsory military service for young men which is often extended indefinitely at the whim of military commanders. National service is the main reason why young Eritreans flee their country.

As many as 5000 Eritreans flee the nation on a monthly basis. They walk through dangerous terrains like the Sahara desert and dangerous waters to come over to Europe. Asmara stated that they are very brave people but extremely shy and respectful.

Another problem the Eritreans face is the inability to bring their families over to Germany or Europe. This is due to the fact that the Eritrean Government does not issue passports to anyone over the age of 6 and up. So even after getting their official German refugee status, they cannot re-unite with their families back home because of the non issuance of documents.

Asmara is the official and un-official spokeswoman for the Eritrean community in Hamburg. She helps them with issues ranging from translating for them and helping them find both jobs and enrolling into the right schools.
You can watch the video below: