Rolf Salo! Optimistic about trade between Africa and Germany


“I don´t give up my hope of economical growth and prosperity in Africa” was the inspiring and strong statement of Rolf Salo, founder and CEO of SALO Holding AG in Hamburg/Germany.

The successful entrepreneur and longstanding politician for the Liberal party in Germany explained in front of the audience in the Grand Elysée Hotel during his Welcome-speech as the Patron of the “Africa Days” his strong intension, to support Africa on its further way into an economical growing nation in the near future.

“The trade between Africa and Germany still plays a minor role. But I don`t give up my hope for a faster and stronger development of the business relations between our Countries”, said the economic-graduate and sociologist. Rolf Salos` message found a very positive echo in the audience. “We are very glad and thankful, that Rolf Salo as an experienced entrepreneur became our patron of the Africa days”, said Sylvaina Gerlich from IMIC.

Salo Holding AG is one of the most successful, not state-runned companies for Vocational rehabilitation for people with severe restrictions in Germany. With more than 70 centers spread throughout Germany and 20 in Europe, Africa and Southern America, SALO Holding AG is supporting handicapped people to get back into the labour-market. Rolf Salos device uses to be: “Make more of you than you are”!”