A visit to German Chancellery with Henry Akanno


Sightseeing in Berlin is always good news!  Mr Henry Akanno, a member of the Hamburg Integration Council is inviting the general public to join him and the Hamburg-Bergedorf & Harburg Member of Parliament, Metin Hakverdi to Berlin.

The tour to Berlin forms part of his community motivational activities. The first stop in the federal capital of Germany is the Parliament House “Bundestag”. Then after the seat of Government “Kanzleramt” Questions and Answers with the Parliamentarian is planned, it is an eye-opener and inspirational moment for the youth. There is going to be a lunch and photo session. The entire trip is costing per person only 20€.

The tour is limited to 50 participants, all 
interested in this historic visit should contact Henry Akanno on Tel: 01741349339

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