H_art The Band Seduced The Hamburg Fans into Esctasy


The Saturday evening weather was beautiful, the location was excellent, the fans were beautifully dressed and eager but ready to be entertained but instead H_art The Band Seduced the sexy fans into esctacy with their melodic sounds.

H_art the Band, a trio from Kenya, came to Hamburg on June the 24th, 2017, to end their 3 city Europe tour.  The tour started in Amsterdam, went through Berlin, and then ended in Hamburg.

Although the turn out could have been better, the entire event was a great success.  The band laughed, danced, joked, and sang for the beautiful ladies who came to the event.

H_art the band is comprised of 3 brothers who met each at the Kenyan National Theatre and then formed a group.  They are Wachira Gatama a.k.a Skoko, Kenneth Muya a.k.a kenchezmuya and Mordecai Mwini who simply goes by Mordecai.

The name H_art Means art from the heart. The underscore is the bridge between the heart and art because aside from music they also do art as well which makes them artistic people.

The event was organized by Miss Kenya Germany Organization.  It took place at the Shulterblatt-Hause 73 in the Sternchanze region of Hamburg, Germany. It lasted for over 3 hours.