Everybody wants change, but nobody wants to change.


In a stunning display of community spirit and civic pride, a group of engaged citizens banded together to provide thoughtful, constructive criticism of a long-running local program. With a sincere desire to see positive change, these model residents dutifully shared their perspectives, making concrete suggestions for improvement.

However, the story takes a dark turn, as when these civic-minded individuals were subsequently asked to directly participate in effecting the changes they had identified, not a single one stepped forward. Queries about whether any of them would be willing to take on a leadership role in implementing the recommended program updates were met with a deafening silence.

The irony is clear, a community overflowing with ideas and opinions, yet completely lacking in the follow-through to turn those ideas into reality. It's almost as if these passionate commentators were more interested in hearing themselves speak than actually doing the hard work of driving meaningful change.

The fundamental challenge in many communities is the gap between critique and action, between armchair quarterbacking and boots-on-the-ground leadership. It begs the question - if no one is willing to lead the charge, who will ensure these well-intentioned suggestions ever see the light of day?

The moral of the story? Sometimes the loudest voices in the room are the ones least willing to roll up their sleeves and get to work. A cautionary tale, indeed, seeking genuine community engagement and improvement, requires commitment, passion, dedication and true leadership.

Desmond John Beddy