Coming To Germany -Perspectives on Africans in Germany


Coming To Germany is a BOOK compiled by Desmond John Beddy and other co-authors, mostly influential Africans living in Germany. The book aims to tell the African story in Germany like never before, providing a comprehensive and insightful perspective.

The book is divided into three major sections, each examining a crucial aspect of the African experience in Germany. The first section, "Coming to Germany," focuses on the experiences of Africans in their homeland, their journeys, and the factors that prompted their decision to migrate to Germany.

The second section critically examines the era of German colonization of Africa. This historical perspective sheds light on the complex and often turbulent relationship between Germany and the African continent, setting the stage for the subsequent experiences of Africans in Germany.

The third and final section delves into the lives of Africans in Germany. It explores the challenges they face, their failures and achievements, and makes projections into the future, with a particular emphasis on identifying what can be done differently to improve the collective experience of Africans in Germany.

One of the core themes highlighted in the book is the fact that while Africans are thriving as individuals, they are not yet achieving the same level of collective success and representation. This observation serves as a call to action, inviting readers to consider how the African community in Germany can work together to overcome this disparity.

With its diverse and insightful chapters, "Coming To Germany" promises to be a must-read book that offers a unique and compelling perspective on the African experience in Germany. Readers can expect to be transported into the lives and stories of these influential Africans, gaining a deeper understanding of the complexities and nuances of their journeys and experiences.

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