We Need Visionary Leaders, Not Just Mineral Resources


Baba God, I humbly request a favour from you. Please remove all mineral resources from the continent and provide us with people who can think critically and help us develop.

Are we facing a shortage of true leaders, or has the abundance of mineral resources made us lazy?

Currently, those in positions of power mistakenly consider themselves as leaders, but in reality, they are not. They often misguide, exploit, and embarrass us. What is particularly distressing is the surplus of such individuals. They are everywhere.

Because we possess vast mineral resources, they do not feel compelled to create, innovate, or think critically. Even if the worst among them is elected or appointed, they will still thrive. They will sell the resources, gain royalties, and still be showcasing themselves all over the place. The saddest part of it is that they insist on being called Honourable.

Baba God, please guide us toward critical thinking. If we experience hunger and have nothing to sell, we shall wake up. Every household requires a capable leader to manage it effectively. Likewise, countries require leaders who can guide them toward development.

I am tired of driving on bad roads. Although I pay so much for power, I still sleep in darkness. It is no longer funny. Baba God, I hate election roads; these roads sometimes don’t last a year. I asked, won't it make sense to construct a 1 km road that will last 20 years than a 10 km road that will last during the campaign year?

With the emergence of science and technology, one would have expected my continent to be in a comfortable lead due to the abundance of mineral resources, which are mostly used as raw materials in the manufacturing industry. No, we have rather become consumers or, stated differently, a market to others.

Baba God, this world no balance!

The owners of the mineral resources and suppliers of raw materials are indebted to the ones printing the papers. We have arable lands yet have to import food every day. Baba God, can you trigger a new beginning?

Could it be that thinking is that difficult?

I know we can read well, calculate well, and most often speak excellent English and French. Some could in addition, speak Spanish and recently Chinese became the latest language on the continent.

It appears that our school curriculum lacks emphasis on critical thinking and problem-solving skills. While we focus on big grammar and language proficiency, the art of questioning is seemingly neglected. We are not encouraged to inquire or seek solutions to common issues. It hurts to think that we are not equipped with the ability to plan for the future or effectively address everyday problems.

I am deeply concerned that if Baba does not heed my plea, the people in my village will lose their farmland and be forced to purchase clean water for drinking. In abundance of water, fools will still thirst. Baba God, if you do not listen to my prayers, I will never visit you in heaven.

Desmond John Beddy