World Book Day Celebration in Hamburg

African Authors’ Day in Hamburg


World Book Day Celebration:
A Literary Extravaganza in Hamburg

World Book Day came alive as four accomplished African authors gathered in Hamburg to celebrate the joy of reading. This exceptional event was meticulously organized at the Afrotopia Culture and Innovation Centre, made possible through a collaborative effort between various organizations, including Lukulule e.V., Schlaufox e.V., Kamerun4AfrikaClub e.V., Southern Cameroons Community Germany-Hamburg (SCCG-Hamburg e.V.), and other vibrant Diaspora Communities in Hamburg.

The profound interaction with these literary luminaries underscored the importance of reading. Reading not only enhances one's ability to focus but also nurtures essential communication skills. It serves as a powerful antidote to stress, contributing significantly to improved mental health. Moreover, it expands your lexicon, enriches concentration, and fosters mental well-being.

This engaging experience fosters empathy, promoting a better understanding of others. It is a catalyst for success in both personal and professional relationships, while simultaneously enriching your knowledge base.

The primary objective of this event was to ignite the spark of writing within the attendees. The authors aimed to inspire and empower the mentees, instilling in them the belief that they too possess the capability to pen books that captivate readers.

The distinguished participants included:

  1. 1. Dr. Akuma Saningong: A motivational speaker and personal life coach.
  2. 2. Gloria Boateng: A multifaceted personality, she is not only a teacher but also an acclaimed author, a fitness trainer, and a skilled moderator. She has received numerous accolades for her contributions to society.
  3. 3. Elizebeth Boehme: A Supply Chain and Logistics Manager, an accomplished author, and a dedicated community activist.
  4. 4. Agatha-Genoveva-Ombeni Stickdorn-Ngonyani: A prolific author, a seasoned radio presenter, and an adept moderator.

Together, these luminaries lit up the World Book Day celebration with their wisdom and passion for literature, leaving an indelible mark on all those who attended.

TopAfric organized the program

Sponsored by Aktion Mensch  


Desmond John Beddy
Programme was sponsored by Aktion Mensch