Do you prefer writing with black or blue pen?


People have their preferences when it comes to using blue or black pens or some like me like to use both to make a balance between the two colors and it’s also neat and pleasing to the eyes. Those who have neat writing could just use one of the two colors and still make it look like they have printed it. This talent seems to be with a decent amount of people because they change their handwriting that fits their taste. While both the ink colors are satisfying in their way, they each have a difference like every other thing and being on Earth has.

Almost all the schools around the world prefer blue pens for notes to black as blue ink helps with memorization. That is because the blue color is a sign of trust and calms the mind and if you have noticed most companies signs that have the blue color in them are well off such as Samsung, Dell, Ford, Twitter and Oreo and their signature color is one of the reasons why they are successful. On the other hand, black ink on white paper can feel messy that is unless you have neat and beautiful handwriting, and blue makes up for it. Moreover, black ink is recommended for most legal and official documents as it makes it easier for copying and cones out clearer than the blue ink which is fainter.

This was before the color photocopiers were brought to life, blue or black ink was preferred because other colors were light and not dark enough to be produced. When deciding to choose one of them, it’s is agreed that blue makes it easier to assume that the document is original. Of course, the technology has elevated and much better printers are in use which doesn’t make using blue ink a problem. Though most people (mostly teenagers) still prefer using black ink to blue simply because it’s satisfying or maybe because it’s a darker theme of the blue ink or just the fact that it fits their aesthetics.

Besides all this, psychology studies also have a say in your personality according to the color of the pen you prefer to use. If you like to use to blue ink, then you are a 'sensitive, friendly and a warm person with an outgoing personality, but If you’re more of a black ink person then you are considered to be more dominant who like to steer their life in their way. You could be uptight and be a little cautious about sharing your emotions but you think with your head.

I suppose, in the end, it all depends on the person (or in some situations the legal documents or exam papers) as to what kind of pen ink they require. While some like to use the calming blue, the others prefer a mysterious black, or in other cases, both.

Which pen do you like to write your notes with?