Ghanaians in Hamburg are searching for competent people to lead them, luckily there are countless number of knowledgeable Ghanaians in Hamburg who can help position the Ghana community properly in Hamburg and Germany as a whole.

Besides there are a huge number of the third generation of Ghanaians, who trained here, have command over the German language, understand the culture and the German system better, they are encouraged not to shy away from challenges and responsibilities.

Remember if you fail to occupy positions, others with no vision, without leadership skills will not only lead you, but take binding decisions on your behalf.

Be bold, come forward, register and move your people forward.

Registration ends on Tuesday, the 30th of June 2020

The following Ghana Union Executive positions are to be contested for:
1. President
2. Vice President
3. General Secretary
4. Vice General Secretary
5. Welfare Secretary
6. Financial Secretary
7. Youth Organizer
8. Organizing Secretary
9. Women Organizer


  • To support the social and economic welfare of Ghanaians in Hamburg
  • To provide the needed leadership for economic growth
  • To stimulate the spirit of patriotism amongst Ghanaians living in Hamburg
  • To encourage networking amongst Ghanaian institutions home and abroad
  • To serve as a mouth piece of the Ghana Community


Applicants interested in the above mentioned positions must belong to a Ghanaian affiliated organisation: for instance, Churches, Moslem organizations, Associations, Unions, Ethnic Groups, entities etc. And be a Ghanaian descent irrespective of the passports they hold.

Candidates interested in the position of Youth Organizer must not be more than 35 years old before elections are conducted, and be Ghanaian irrespective of the passports they hold.

All other positions have no restrictions except attaining the voting age of 18 years.

Date and venue of elections will be made available after contesting candidates have registered and campaigned for a stipulated period 

Please pass this vital information onto all Ghanaians.

Desmond John Beddy 
Electoral Committee Chairman
Tel: 017632140550
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