Ghana Community in Germany (GIG) is seeking assistance from The German Foreign Ministry!


The Ghana Community in Germany (GIG) has written to the German foreign office to consider assisting Ghanaians with residence permit in Germany who are currently lockdown in Ghana, as a result of the COVID 19 Pandemic to return to Germany.

The community leadership is in contact with their colleagues who are unable to return to Germany, some with their children. Though the German embassy in Ghana recently evacuated a few of their colleagues, they were mostly holders of German passport.

According to Kwaku Appiah who is coordinating the process, about 300 people have submitted their names and city of residence in Germany. He explained further, a prompt attention is appreciated as most of them are losing their jobs, their residence permits and their apartments. The older ones needs urgent medical care and yearning to re-unite with their family members and friends. 

Students and pupils are not only missing school, but the home schooling as well. They complain internet is very expensive and unreliable in Ghana.

Asked why they won’t seek assistance from the Ghana government since they are Ghanaian citizens, “we have copied the government agencies” was his answer.

For further questions please contact the following:

Kwaku Appiah
Tel.: ‪‪017621845702, Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Benjamin Okrah, Tel.: ‪‪017623101924
Charles Ankamah, Tel.: ‪‪01741600959
Maxwell Owusu, Tel.: ‪‪015783430663


German Embassy –Accra
Ghana Embassy -Berlin
Ghana Consulate -Frankfurt am Main
Ghana Consulate -Hamburg
Ghana Consulate -Hannover
Ghana Consulate -Dortmund
Ghana Consulate -Munich

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