HalloElla! Excellent Performance by Dayan Kodua


Lights, Camera, Action! This was how Dayan Kodua made history this past weekend, performing the solo drama “HALLO ELLA”. A play put together by the pieces of personal experiences of friends, colleagues and many more.

HALLO ELLA was premiered Friday– Sunday, 25th 26th and 27th of January 2019, at Hamburger Sprechwerk. The play depicts the various frustrations, misery amidst other experiences most women go through while trying to figure out who they are, what they are worth, what they really want, finding love and what really makes them happy.

Dayan Kodua’s solo performance lasted 90 minutes on the stage. It is amazing that a single actress could engage and entertain her audience for that long. A 90 minutes of reflecting the truths of today’s woman in her late 30’s.

The actress sustained the interest of the audience all through the 90 minutes duration and did soo flawlessly. Soo much that, you won’t even care to pick up your phone if you dropped it…
If you couldn’t make it to the premiere last weekend, be on the look out for the next premiere. It was indeed an excellent performance worth seeing.

Effiya Ephya

TopAfric Media