Georgina Fakunmoju of NDR fame to host KidsRadio


The KidsRadio project aims at strengthening the self-confidence of children and young adults.  It is designed to offer the participants a platform where they can learn how to be radio presenters. It is a way to help them decide early on what they wish to pursue in life.

The ultimate goal is for one or two extraordinary talented kids to have their own radio program at Radio TopAfric. The program is design for kids and young adults between the ages of 10 -15, who want to run a radio program and become stars of tomorrow. It will also teach them how to blog as well.

The program which will  accommodate about 10 participants. Workshop training will take place only on the weekends. The workshop begins on Saturday,  the 5th of May 2018,  will only last for 90 minutes from 3pm – 4.30pm KIDSRADIO REGISTRATION
The workshop is led by Georgina Fakunmoju,  a broadcast journalist who currently works for NDR in Hamburg. Focused primarily on producing TV pieces for Northern Germany, she has also published radio and online stories for a variety media outlets.

Module 1: Research & Interview:
A: We teach them how to research topics and personalities via the internet prior to hosting an interview or prior to doing a live show on radio.
B: We also teach them how to find topics of interest.
C: We teach them how to work in groups and also how to ask the right questions? 

Module 2: Promo & Equipment
A: We teach them how to promote themselves through social media
B: We teach them how to handle the Microphone and equipment

Module 3: Record live show & Blog
A: We teach them how to record a live radio show
B: We teach them what needs to be done after ending a live radio show and also how to post a recorded show on a blog site as well as how to blog.

Sponsors -/Cooperation partner:
The program is sponsored by Aktion Mensch e.V. and supported by LUKULULE e.V.
Tel:  017632140550
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