Meet the Miss Africa Netherlands Contestants


The organizers of Miss Africa Netherlands announced the 10 finalists who will be competing in this year’s Miss Africa Netherlands beauty pageant. The show, which will be held in Amsterdam, is the second edition and will take place on the 7th of December, 2013.

Although there are 10 contestants, only 9 African countries will be represented. Below are the list of countries and the names of the girls representing each country.

Isatou Cham will be representing Gambia:
She wants to be a role model to all young people. She has experienced living conditions in Africa and knows how to be content with the smallest things in Life. That is why she is Studying Social Pedagogy (Social pedagogy is based on humanistic values stressing human dignity, mutual respect, trust, unconditional appreciation, and equality, to mention but a few.).
She hopes to use this platform to help young girls and children in Africa.

Rosemary Kargbo will represent Sierra Leone:

She wishes to become the next Miss Africa Netherlands because she see's herself doing greater things for Africa and winning Miss Africa will give her the opportunity to realize that dream.

Brigitte Manguelle will be representing Cameroun:

She sees this pageant as a way to challenge herself, encourage other young girls and above all educate them as well.

Francisca Mwauluka Representing Zambia:
She belives that as long as you are focused and dedicated in life, you can achieve all your goals. She wants to use this platform to bring hope to all uneducated women out there and show them that anything is possible.

Fatoumata Jaiteh will represent Gambia:
It has been her ultimate dream to be Miss Africa Netherlands.

Aphiwe Mqunyana will represent S.Africa
for her speaking for those who cannot, supporting them, advocating for the less fortunate, and empowering others by sharing her knowledge are herprincipal goals of becoming Miss Africa Netherlands.

Vudisa Peya Elia Will Represent The D R Congo:
She wants to be the voice of girls all over the world and show them that dreams can come thru.

Lily Tawadros will be representing Egypt:
she wants to break that barrier between Christians and Muslims. She would like everybody to live in harmony as one people.
She would also like to end poverty in the world

Clemence Uwamaliya will be representing Rwanda:
She belives that beauty comes from within. So she would like to take this oppurtunity to show the world just how beautiful she is.

Takudzwa Mutezo will represent Zimbabwe:
she wants to stress the importance of education, equality of women, and abolishment of women genital mutilation in Africa.
Her ultimate goal is to help women and children in Africa reach their utmost potentials

Miss Africa Netherlands’ mission is committed towards addressing health and education, the two leading social issues on the African continent. Their commitment is to increase access to health and health education as well as increase access to education in general for girls in the African communities.
Miss Africa Netherlands also will provide a platform for young Africans to achieve personal growth and development, take pride in their heritage, and discover their inner beauty while pursuing a lifelong educational career and laying a strong foundation as leaders of tomorrow.
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