2013 is the year of the feel-good dance. After Gangnam style and Harlem Shake is "Azonto". The Internet is full of videos in which Azonto is danced. The dance trend from Ghana is already a hit in the U.S, UK, and Germany.

But what exactly is Azonto? And how can one dance Azonto? Here you can learn more about the right movements and dance elements of the national dance of Ghana, the feel-good dance. It is also a great workout for arms and buttocks, which makes it also really fun!
What is Azonto?

Azonto is a dance and music genre with roots in Ghana. It is a fun way Ghanaians express joy. The movements are derived from traditional African dance "Kpanlogo" which is mainly danced in the coastal area of Ghana. The music industry in Ghana is booming, and the rhythms are inseparable from the dancing.

The origins of Azonto come from the neighborhood of Jamestown in the Ghanaian capital Accra.
How to dance Azonto?

Azonto dance is not difficult; everyone can dance to it, whether young or old. The main thing is to have fun and not take everything too seriously. There are only a few basic fixed steps for the legs and hips. In any case, you have to wiggle your hips, bend one leg alternately rotated outward, bend your knees and dance in rhythm.

The movement of the legs is somewhat reminiscent of Michael Jackson moves but much faster. And with Azonto, the hips are constantly swaying. A large part of the Azonto dance involves the arms. The arm and hand movements mimic everyday activities. One can mime actions such as swimming, driving, boxing and praying with an ironic undertone.
It is also typical to roll ones fists in front of the body and then stretch into the air. Generally speaking, one can do what they desire, the imagination has no limits.

Azonto and music
In Accra, the musician is Gas Milla since his hit Abodatoi and the accompanying video as King of Azonto . The rapper Fuse ODG now provides his song Azonto for worldwide distribution. Azonto is the official song for the CEV Volleyball European Championship Women 2013. The song was  a collaboration with producer, Killbeatz, and Ghana's most famous female rapper Tiffany. The video is basically a guide to dance Azonto. The video you can be see here .

In Germany, the Hamburg crew TO & StunnaKid make music with the Azonto beats and also dance the Azonto while performing. Lydia and Babsee, Azonto dancers, constantly release videos on YouTube and face book which tremendously help in making the dance more popular in main stream Germany.
How can I learn Azonto?
Some German dance schools already offer Azonto courses. But you can also click through numerous YouTube videos to learn Azonto.
Have you ever danced Azonto? How do you find the Azonto dance? Leave your comments below