Rising Superstar Niki Tall A.K.A Oyibo Boy


Niki Tall a.ka. Oyibo Boy is steadily becoming a prominent singer/performer in the Afro-Pop sector of the music industry.

This tall performer who is 6foot 5inches (195cm) dominates the stage each time he performs a Nigerian Artist´s song here in Germany and all over the world.  Some fans believe that he gives a better rendition of the songs he mimes.  Songs such as “Flavor Nabalia´s Ashawo” receive an ovation from audiences whenever he performs it.

When asked how he started singing mostly Nigerian Afro Pop music, He says that he had a Nigerian Girlfriend back in the days who would play mostly Nigerian songs. Then he quickly became addicted to them and started singing them and now performs them to all Afro Pop fans.

He is half Greek, Half German. He speaks Greek, German, and Nigerian Pidgin English and leaves in Nienburg, Germany.


The sky is the limit for this tall and handsome performer.  He never ceases to amaze the predominantly black African audience each time he is on stage performing an Afro Pop Hit.  More grease to his elbow as he climbs up the ladder of success.