Africa Day Celebrated in Hamburg

Afro News

Africa Day which is celebrated worldwide took place this weekend in Hamburg. It was a two day affair which transpired at the Wandsbek Markt platz. There were music performances, food, fashion show, speeches, and cultural dances.

Sylvaina Gerlich of the Imic Center and member of the Hamburg Integration Council organized this colorful event. Speeches were made by top German political officials who attended the event. The event started with Speeches from them, a Muslim prayer from the Imam, a speech from the Ghana Chief, cultural drumming, and a cultural dance from Adowa dance.


The music concert featured performances by LMX, who rocked the stage with Dave Rasheed. They thrilled the crowd with their lyrics and moves. Lillian chilled the crowd with her soulful voice. She made the crowd forget how rainy the day had been. Nana Acheampong got the audience to get off their seats and dance in the rain.   Lady Petya was looking sexy and tantalizing on stage as she performed her songs. She was shaking and grooving her curves in an attempt to cure the crowd from the cold atmosphere.

Day two was graced by Mama Sun on stage with her entire posse dapping and rapping to the mesmerized audience. She got them to put their hands up in the air and wave them like they just didn’t care. Prinz Ade-Love regulated the occasion with his reggae tunes.

He was able to get the on looking crowd to stop and ask what was going on. The fashion show displayed beautiful women wearing colorful Ghanaian attires. They came on stage strutting and shaking those curves while displaying the sexy attires.

There were lots of good food and drinks. People came to dance, eat, and drink even though the rain was non-stop

The theme of the event was to commemorate the founding of “The Organization of African Unity” (OAU) which is now called “African Union” (AU). The event is a yearly event. We look forward to a bigger and diverse event next year.