NCG -Hamburg Election Held

Afro News

At last, the Nigerian Community Germany NCG)  Hamburg branch, election was held last Saturday 20th of April 2013. The venue of the election was parked with potential voters from Nigerian Community Hamburg, many of which were not regular members of the union but has come just to cast their vote according to their candidate of choice.

It was peacefully conducted but not without the usual ethnic leaning and bickering of what is seen and expected in a multi-cultural religious society like Nigeria, Somehow a tiny picture of what is obtained in the national politics back home.

TopAfric observation was that the supporters of the Chairmanship challenger Adebare Fasiu Kelani wanted a change of leadership given that the same out-going officers who seemingly have not done much were the ones aspiring to continue in office.

But,unfortunately that was not to come as the voters out of admiration and sympathy returned almost all the old officials headed by Jude Festus Ogunnaya the incumbent Chairman, except One Mr Farouk Allaya who contested the post of Treasurer but was out rightly rejected by the union members before the election commenced.

Spectacle though was the quickness the challenger of the Chairmanship position conceded defect without acrimony which was applauded by many and envied by few.

Above all, the Kenneth Gbandi electoral commissioner’s team led by one Mr.Mike Emmauel Dickson conducted a free and fair election; in a manner one would have suggested they replace the electoral commission in Nigeria.

We congratulate the newly elected leadership of Nigeria Community Hamburg and hope they will make the needed changes this time.

By Adams, Kennedy Chidi