Meet African Idol Contestant Fabiola

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The first ever African Idol competition in Germany will be held on the 15th of December, 2012 in the City of Hamburg at Bidermannplatz 19.  The contestants range from age 14 thru 26.  This competition is targeted towards talented young singers, musicians, rappers and performers of African origin based here in Germany.

 The overall winner stands a chance to win a substantial amount of cash and an experience of a life time in musical entertainment before a huge crowd.  The winners will be selected by the total number of votes they receive.  There are three categories of voting.  Online voting, Judges Vote, and the Audience voting.  The votes will be counted at the end of the show and the three contestants with the most votes, will be selected and crowned accordingly.

TopAfric was fortunate enough to attend the first rehearsal and witnessed these talented young individuals perform their various songs.  TopAfric also took the opportunity to interview each contestant and ask various questions about them and their talents.


African Idol Contestant Fabiola

TopAfric : Hello could you please tell us your name and how old you are?

Fabiola  : My name is Fabiola and I am 17yrs old

Topafric :Where are you from ?

Fabiola   : I am from Togo but I was born in Hamburg.

Topafric: What genre of music would you say influences your style?

Fabiola     : I get my inspiration from R&B and Soul

TopAfric :  Who is your Favorite artist?

Fabiola   : Neyo offcourse

TopAfric:  What are your favorite Hobbies?

Fabiola   :  I love cooking and dancing

TopAfric:  Why are you competing in African Idol Germany?

Fabiola     I want to show people my talent and prove that I have a confident and interesting personality.

TopAfric : Thank you so much for your time and Good luck in the competition.

Fabiola   : Thank you