Dj Bleed interviews Tu-brain Spartacus


Award winning Artist, Tu-brain Spartacus, was live at Topafric Radio (in Hamburg, Germany) getting interviewed by DJ Bleed on the show “Music Beatz” which airs every Thursday from 8pm – 10pm Germany time on

Solomon Omoruyi , whose stage name is “Tu-Brain Spartacus”, recently won an award for Best Male Artist at the just concluded Diaspo Awards 2016 in Frankfurt, Germany.

Tu-Brain talked about how he writes his music and also revealed to DJ Bleed where his energy comes from.

DJ Bleed played 4 of his tracks and made him explain the meaning of each song.  

During the live show, some listeners called into the show and demanded to hear the humble yet loud artist’s recently released song entitled “Skelebe”.

Tu-Brain is a perfect example of the phrase “never judge a book by its cover”.  With his blond Mohawk and energetic attitude, one would think he is a wild boy but he is quite the opposite.

He is a meek, humble, and most especially hard working artist  who is simply aiming for the skies.  At this rate he is sure to reach it.

Topafric wishes him all the best.