Meet Controversial Kwadwo Yeboah Breman


Kwadwo Yeboah Breman is a journalist who also hosts a radio show on Topafric radio every Sundays from 7pm – 8pm. The 33yr old is single, loves to play soccer, loves listening to hip-hop, loves cooking inter-continental African dishes but most especially loves dancing.

He hosts a show that encourages the Africans in diaspora to help mother Africa. He is originally from Ghana but is based in Hamburg, Germany
Yeboah is humble, hardworking, intelligent, charismatic, and most definetly full of positive energy. He has alot to offer the world and is working towards doing just that.

His Journalistic instincts gives him the fresh perpectives he uses while hosting his radio show. He brought up a very controversial issue in Hamburg, Germany which he wrote about in an article entitled :Why Do Africans Patronize Asian Stores More Than Afro Shops (Click Here to read article).
This issue was widely discussed all over the city of Hamburg with a clear understanding as to why and what the problem was.
Mr Breman is yet to reach his full potential. So continue to listen to him and watch out for more from this energitic Journalist.