The Zouk & Kizomba Gala  grandiose party was held at the Penthouse Dancing School in Hamburg. The first thing that attracted my attention was the big dance floor that was exposed with light effects and the black and red furniture that was decorated with candles.

The small bar served delicious drinks and the comfortable seating areas offered the guests a place to relax.

From 11pm the dance floor started to fill up, and the vibes were very pleasant, Zouk & Kizomba fans, professional dancers, trainers and Dj´s arrived from all corners of the, cultures and of all ages came together to dance and party. It was very nice to see how dancing and music can unite various people.

The couples on the dance floor were dancing skillful to the music. I was able to see the passion, the guests had for the dance. I noticed to my surprise that there were smiling faces everywhere. The way the couples were dancing was very esthetic and erotic, around 12am the Dj started to play some faster music and on the dance floor it got hot.

The sexy hip movements, the beautiful women made  the dance floor burn like fire.The social connection between the guests seemed to be very friendly and familiar. Dancing partners were changed often. Also the main organizer seemed to be very relaxed and was dancing with a lot of his guests.

After a while the music fascinated me more and more and I felt like it carried me off. I felt the rhythm in my blood. Later in the night the main organizer Ben Craig, held a short speech and introduced the special dancers, trainers and Dj´s to the crowd. They came from the USA, England, Sweden, France, Spain and others.

The crowd continued to dance impassioned until one of the trainers encourages them to dance all together. It took not even a minute until everybody was on the dance floor and they developed a high-class choreography. Two of the dancers were leading the crowd and they as well as some others proofed their abilities.

After that the event came to an end, so the dancers had some time to rest their selves for the workshops and parties, which came the days after.

In summary the event was real nice; the organizer did his job very well and the location was perfect. I hope that next time I can attend the workshops and parties as participant and not to work there. The dancers impressed me and the music affected me emotionally, so I wish I can learn to dance like this in the future and I can just recommend it to everybody, who likes to dance.

Contact: Ben Craig, Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Tel: +49 (0) 15253535344

By Janina Jay; Chritian Russel Kenoue & Eddy Ray