The Night of African Entrepreneurs in Germany


The Night of African Entrepreneurs in Germany

The Night of African Entrepreneurs in Germany was very successful and the concept excellent and very necessary, particularly at this point of our political and economic dispensation in Germany. The event which took place at the Hamburg University on Saturday, the 17th of September 2016 witnessed a tremendous improvement. The speakers who spoke on several themes did a marvelous job. Among them were;
Dr. Yves Ekoué Amaϊzo, International Consultant und Managing Director of General of MutAgile Ltd & Co. KG,  Dr. Norbert Tschirpke, lecturer  at University of Südwestfalen, Mr Clement Klutse, business consultant who doubled as the organizer, Mrs. Theresa Franz, CEO of InterTranslation, Yolander James, a fashion designer and Mr. Girmai Teclai, CEO of  GT World of Beauty.

Others were Dr. Rosalyn Dressman, chairlady of AfricanTide Union e.V., Miranda Oben, IT engineer and a known moderator, Derrick Tawah, founder and CEO NjangiList. Among the participant of the podium discussion was Ex. Senator Dietrich Wersich, who is currently Vice President of the Hamburg Parliament and Spokesman of the CDU on Culture, Churches & Religion. He needs to be commended for his relentless efforts in championing the visibility progress of Africans in Germany.  Attendees included, Lawyer Iyare Imasi, Mr. Huy-Tam Van, member of CDU and chairman of Hamburg -Farmsen-Berne Branch , Gwladys Awo, member of Hamburg Integration Council, Lillian Kunu, TopAfric Radio presenter, Grace Afram, CEO of African Service Büro Grace Afram-Papendick e.K., Elizabeth Angwi Boehme, business consultant. Irene Appiah, (SPD), Millicent Adjei, Community activist, Mary Oduro, (CDU), Mr. Landry Atakora of African Heritage Magazine and Mr. Oumann president of Togo Union, Beatrace Oala, a fashion designer, Moses Aquah, IT Engineer, Grave Evaly and the husband

The moderator Mrs. Claudia Voß from Afrika Verein did extremely well. Many thanks goes to Konrad-Adenaur-Stiftung for helping finance the project and a thumbs up to the technicians who made sure everything went well.

Not forgetting the Media Partners, Emmanuel K. Agbelessessy and Tete Nesse Dally C. The organizing team wishes to thank all who made the event very successful

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