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Man Dies On Top of His Partner During Sex Marathon


The couple had a bet arguing who would last longer in bed and checked into a hotel for the competition. The man lasted for several rounds, but couldn’t get past the seventh leg, the local outlet Guardian claims.

A middle-aged man, Nigeria’s Guardian simply calls Davy, allegedly passed away during a sex competition with his partner, called Loveth, in the Nigerian state of Lagos. They reportedly argued who had better sexual stamina and found no better way to find out than a sex marathon as neither would admit to being the weaker partner.

The mischievous marathoner placed a $140 bet that he would outlast Loveth, letting her take the prize if she turned out to be stronger. She picked the hotel that hosted the unconventional competition, and the games began. When the competitors got past the sixth round, Loveth reportedly was unshaken while her partner couldn’t overcome the seventh round and collapsed on top of her, the website claims.

After she sounded the alarm to the hotel management, the woman was turned over to police, telling them what had led to the unhappy ending. Davy’s body was sent for an autopsy, whose results will determine the woman’s fate and test her version.

Twitter users paid tribute to the man, who had passed away in this manner.

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