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The Ghana Community in Hamburg is to conduct an election to elect new executive members of the Ghana Union. We are therefore asking and challenging all legible Ghanaians in Hamburg and its immediate surrounding to make themselves available. We are appealing to all community leaders; professionals, artisans, religious-Leaders, ethnic and youth leaders to help mobilize the masses for this all-important exercise.

The following Ghana Union Executive positions are to be contested for:
1. President
2. Vice President
3. General Secretary
4. Vice General Secretary
5. Welfare Secretary
6.Financial Secretary
7.Youth Organizer
8.Organizing Secretary
9.  Women Organizer

To support the social and economic welfare of Ghanaians in Hamburg
To provide the needed leadership for economic growth
To stimulate the spirit of patriotism amongst Ghanaians living in Hamburg
To encourage networking amongst Ghanaian institutions home and abroad
To serve as a mouth piece of the Ghana Community

Candidates interested in positions of the President and vice Presidents must belong to a Ghanaian affiliated organisation, for instance, Asanteman Union, GaDangme Union or Ewe Union and be Ghanaian irrespective of the passports they hold.

Candidates interested in the position of Youth Organizer must not be more than 35 years old before elections are conducted, and be Ghanaian irrespective of the passports they hold.

All other positions have no restrictions except attaining the voting age of 18 years.

Date and venue of ELECTIONS will be made available after contesting candidates have registered and campaigned for a stipulated period 

Please pass this vital information to all Ghanaians.

Desmond John Beddy -/Electoral Team
Tel: 017632140550
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

A working visit to Ghana Embassy Berlin: The social and economic advancement of a Diaspora community to a large extent depends on the policies, efficiency, and competence of the embassy and particularly the Ambassador in charge. The embassies have two major focuses, one is the interest of the home country, and two is the interest of the people in the Diaspora. It is no secret that the first is of paramount interest to the embassy staffs.

The complaints about the working ethics of the embassy in Berlin become a daily talked about issue. A fact finding mission to the embassy was inevitable. To avoid a long essay, let’s overlook the immediate past where the Ghana Embassies worldwide had no passport booklets, which was an extremely embarrassing development in our history.

Online Passport form
Before travelling to Berlin, I visited the Ghana Embassy Berlin website: http://berlin.ghpassportonline.com/ and filled the passport forms. As a Systems Engineer, I must admit it was not user friendly, a mixture of Postal Codes as practiced in Germany and Post office Box as done in Ghana. 
Then again, the Calendar integrated in the program could be better, though I finally found a way out. Let’s be honest we don’t apply for Passports on a daily basis. 

But one could tell that it is a one system for all countries approach. I would suggest that the forms be adjusted to suit the Ghanaian embassies in various countries. This is a matter of deactivating some of the buttons, and working on the default fields. The forms accept too many errors…

Nevertheless let’s be proud we are advancing with the technological age as a country, there is always room for improvement.

Submission of Passport forms & Processing
When, I arrived around 10.30 the passport section -/front desk was filled to capacity, I spent majority of the time there, speaking to junior staffs of the embassy, A family from Manheim, a mother and daughter from Dortmund, a man from Stuttgart, and a lot of Ghanaians from Hamburg.

Challenges noticed
My forms were full of errors, and that of a post graduate student from Hamburg as well. Some of the errors couldn’t be detected by the program, while others were man-made. The inability to complete the forms well is the main challenge and the source of delay.

Most Ghanaians have multiple and compound names, for instance Beddy, John Desmond then again Beddy, Desmond John. Sadly some could not tell what their surnames was. All detected errors had to be filled manually by the workers at the counter. The allocated time of 20 minutes per person is absolutely inadequate since the error rate is about 80% per applicants.

People coming to process their passports without appointments made up about 30 percent. Those with tangible reasons were served, the question is what tangible reason is? Kofi who comes from far away Munich has to insist on seeing the Boss, since his reason was not accepted. Funerals remain the number one reason why people insist they must be considered. 

Older citizens and mothers with babies without appointments are considered to the detriment of those already waiting impatiently and hungry. Everyone is served according to the time of appointment.

Finger print machine
Another addressable challenge is the finger print machine, I had to try several times before it succeeded, remember at any given time it was someone else’s turn.

For the first time I felt sad for the workers, the telephone was constantly ringing, picking a call means not serving the people, and then again people don’t go straight to the point. Is it about a Passport or Visa? People first begin with a very long story without coming to point.

Visa Section
The Visa section which has been separated from the Passports section was a good decision, it was quite orderly, except one could notice it was a temporary arrangement not an outstanding working environment for a staff. 
Ghanaians holding German Passports have complained bitterly about higher visa fees as compared to other European countries like France, Belgium, the Netherlands and the UK. Since it is a huge source of income to the government, I advise they take advantage of the RIGHT OF ABODE, which is obtainable at the Ministry of Interior for a fee.

Dialogue with Junior Staffs
It is no secret junior staffs could not say much, these days getting a job is not easy, and nobody wants to lose his or her job. At least they revealed they sometimes work on Sundays. Then again one said they come to work as early as 6.30 in the morning.

Dialogue with the Head of Consuler Section
I first congratulated Mr. Samuel Adotey Anum, Minister and Head of Consuler section about their good works and that within a short period they have introduced Visa and Passports online. Ghanaians love good news first.

I asked our senior diplomat how many times he goes downstairs to take questions. He confirmed several times a day, and added that Mondays and Thursdays are hectic. I went straight to the point, what are you people doing to address the challenges at the Passport section?

As I came to post we used to serve about 200 people per month, but as of today we are serving about 800 people per month. The concrete step is that we have acquired two capturing and processing gadgets in addition to the existing one. Soon we shall have two staffs at the front desk at a given time. One of the gadget is a mobile system, thus we will be travelling to the major cities to capture and process the passport forms. The people are then spared the stress and time of travelling to Berlin. 

We have already arranged with the community leadership in Freiburg to go and have their forms processed and Bio details captiured there. For Hamburg it is going to be easier since we already have a Consulate there.

Receiving Calls
I had difficulty asking why calls are not picked at the reception, based on what I noticed.

What could be done
A form of Ticketing System could be introduced, with first and second level support. Two or three well trained workers with adequate efficiency in English, German, and some local languages could answer calls. They can solve minor issues and forward those complicated issues to the rightful workers.

IT- Training:
The leadership should constantly be upgrading and updating their staffs with periodic training, to keep them informed since the IT world is extremely dynamic.

More Staff & System
Obviously the consular section is under staffed and needs a few more working hands. Some could be employed on four hours basis per day. From 10 in the morning to 2 in the afternoon.

Time per Applicant
Time allocated to each applicant is inadequate, it needs to increase from 20 minutes to 30 minutes or decrease the appointments per day.

Community Leadership
Community leaders like UGAG, Ghana Unions, Opinion Leaders, Chiefs and Pastors who have access to the top hierarchy should occasionally undertake familiarization tours to the Embassy, dialogue with the Embassy and propose how best their people can be served. Let us be reminded that positions goes with responsibilities.

God Bless Ghana
God Bless Germany
Desmond John Beddy

COPS in Kuwaiti police have detained a woman who filmed her Ethiopian maid screaming for help before falling from a window instead of helping her.

Shocking footage emerged showing the domestic worker clinging on to a window frame by her fingertips and howling in terror.
Dangling by just one hand she hangs outside the window, begging for help as she stares seven stories down.

The terrified maid is screams “hold me, hold me”.

But instead of helping, the Kuwaiti woman – who is reportedly her employer – simply stands and films her.
The woman holding the camera is heard telling the hanging maid: “Oh crazy, come back.”

Then, in a heartstopping moment, her grip finally fails her and she plummets seven floors, smashing into a metal awning.

But her employer does not even seem to react, simply following her down with the camera before posting the footage to social media, Al-Seyassah newspaper reported.

Miraculously the African worker survived her fall, which is said to have come about as the result of a last minute change of heart during a suicide attempt.

The metal awning which she slams into with a sickening thud seems to soften her fall, as she managed to limp away.

A second video shows emergency workers helping the woman down a ladder after her death-defying fall.

Paramedics rushed her to hospital where she was found to have suffered a broken arm and bleeding from her nose and ear, it was reported.

Cops have now referred the employer to prosecutors for failing to help the victim, the newspaper said.
The reasons for the maid’s attempted suicide, meanwhile, have not been revealed.

The Kuwait Society for Human Rights on Friday called on the authorities to investigate the case and refer it to court.

The oil-rich Gulf state is home to more than 600,000 domestic helpers, largely from Asia, many of whom complain of abuse, mistreatment and non-payment of wages.

Hundreds of maids escape their employers every year over abuse, and the government has set up shelters for them. Some seek help from their embassies.

Aminata Baldeh, one of The Gambia's finest female singer, has passed away. Sources report that her sudden death occured on thursday, March, 9th, 2017. 
The Swedish born Gambian singer has done a lot of collaboration songs with top Gambian musicians including Gibou Bala Gaye, Vypa Skinny Boy fly and many others. She is one of the few female artists who actually released their own album. A true Gambian pride indeed.

Early Thursday, March 9th, 2017, social media was saturated with messages of condolences for Aminata's family. Cause of death is yet to be released. According to Jatou Mbowe, a.k.a ThaBoss chick, she saw Aminata 2 days ago from March 9th, 2017 on a facebook status update.Aminatah Baldeh is a Swedish singer with a Gambian father. She was about 28yrs of age. She sang mostly R&B. Check out her video below.
Our condolences goto the Baldeh family and the entire Gambian community in Germany, Sweden, and all over the world. May her soul rest in perfect peace.

A little girl was caught on camera stealing the Pope's skullcap as she gives him a kiss. 
The video was shot by the girl's Godfather with the caption: 'Took my Goddaughter to meet the pope. She stole his hat.'
Pope Francis scrambles for the hat, but is all smiles as he re-adjusts his uniform and the girl, named Shirley, is carried away.

The huge crowd erupted into laughter after the girl's sneaky swipe.

It is not the first time he has lost his headwear to a curious child. 
As the pontiff held a youngster in his arms while visiting a medical centre back in 2013, the cheeky child took off his white zucchetto at the Vatican.

For a moment, it looked like the cap-snatcher had an amazing souvenir - but, with a smile, the leader of the Catholic Church retrieved his headwear and returned it to its rightful place.

Following recent terror attacks in the United Kingdom as well as outside Europe, thousands of Muslims are set to protest extremism in Cologne on Saturday. But the country's largest Islamic group refuses to take part.

The rally under the motto of “not with us” seeks to bring Muslims together from across the country in a march for peace and against radical Islamist terrorism.

“The attacks by people who justify their acts by invoking Islam, without justification, are becoming more frequent,” the rally organizers write.

“Our faith is being abused, defiled, insulted, and distorted into something unrecognizable by this.”

But Germany’s largest Islamic organization, the Turkish Ditib union, is refusing to participate in the peace march. “Calls for ‘Muslim’ anti-terror demos fall too short, stigmatize Muslims, and constrict international terrorism to being just among them, and within their communities and mosques,” Ditib wrote in a statement.

The Turkish group further accused the march organizers of “public usurpation and instrumentalization”. It further noted that as it is currently the holy month of Ramadan, it was not reasonable for fasting Muslims to “march and demonstrate for hours in the blazing midday sun, at 25C, against terror and for peace.”

On Friday, Ditib will hold its own prayer at all of its mosques nationwide for peace and against terrorism. Still, organizer and Islamic scholar Lamya Kaddor said that the rally had been able to gather different groups together for the demonstration, with as many as 10,000 people expected to attend. Politicians are also supposed to take part to support the effort, including the future state Minister President for North Rhine-Westphalia, Armin Laschet of Angela Merkel’s conservative CDU party.

“We Muslims are in the midst of society, and the majority of us reject terror and violence exactly like every other person hopefully does,” said Kaddor.

“It is important now - after London, Manchester and the terror as well in the Islamic world where Isis kills innocent people - to put forth a visible, clear sign in support of peace, and to clearly distinguish ourselves from violent Islamism and Islamists.”

Supporting groups also include the Central Council of Muslims in Germany, and the group called Turkish Community in Germany.


Above is the image of the victim in a yellow Lacost t-shirt and khaki pants, involved in the recent shooting incidence that happened this month in Hamburg .The incidence caused a stire and rage among the African community in the Diaspora. The community organised a protest march against the German police, demanding the whereabout and welfare of the victim.

The 34 year old victim, Augustine Akwasi Obang hails from the Ashanti Region of Ghana. He is currently receiving medical attention at the ASKLEPIOS KLINIKUM ST.GEORG (Hospital)  Lohlmühlenstraße 5, Haus C, in Hamburg Germany.
The acting Ambassador of Ghana to Germany, Mr Samuel Adotey Anum took keen interest in the case right from day one. On Wednesday, the 15th of February 2017, at exactly 14:21 Mr Anum, his assistant and two reporters of Topafric Media Network, namely Effiya and Henock visited the ASKLEPIOS KLINIKUM ST.GEORG in Hamburg.

Upon arrival at the hospital,  the name AUGUSTINE AKWASI OBENG was no where to be found on the hospital's data. The lady at the reception made it clear, if his name was not on the computer then he is not in the hospital. 
The hospital receptionist demanded an identity card from the acting Ambassador before permitting him to see the victim. Security was very tight, with two security officers guiding the entrance

After about 45 minutes, Mr. Anum come out confirming Augustine is in good health and of sound mind and was even happy to see him. He said both had a normal conversatiom from the onset until he asked the victim to share his own side of the story.
According to the acting ambassador, his worry was why the two policemen and a handcuff on his right leg to the bed. He however adviced that it was better to withhold the victim's own side of the story until investigations are thouroughly conducted.
He again pleaded with the community leadership to allow the lawyer of the victim to legally handle the case while they patiently wait for the outcome.


On Sunday, Feb 26th, 2017, afternoon (12:30 pm), 17-year-old Norwegian Zahra Noor Kiani was travelling with her sister and mother from Birmingham to Norwegian and their plane made a stop over at Hamburg airport.
After the landing in Hamburg Zahra wanted to go to the ATM for only a short time. .That was the last time her mother saw her. She went from Terminal 1 and strolled towards Hamburg airport Terminal 2.

Zahra is described as follows:
1.56 meters tall, 
About 45 kg, 
Dark long hair, 
Narrow statue,
She has on a white T-shirt, dark jeans, gray jacket, black army boots and was carrying a gray-black hand luggage trolleyThe police are asking for help. A harmless stop-over in Hamburg suddenly becomes a nightmare. Anyone with information should call Hamburg police at 4286-56789

When 'no-go' areas are mentioned in Germany, it is usually in connection with foreign mafia families. But a UN fact-finding team have warned there are areas black men fear to enter.
“When I have to go to Brandenburg for work, I go - but I wouldn’t bring my daughter with me,” said Yonas Endrias, an adoptive Berliner.

Endrias, originally from Eritrea, has been involved for years in associations that fight discrimination against black people in Germany, and is one of dozens of people of African heritage consulted by a three-person team sent by the UN to look into racism.

“Racism is particularly bad in Saxony,” Endrias said, adding that working with Saxon law enforcement posed a real problem “because the police there don’t really know what racism is". Even the deputy leader of Saxony admitted last year that the state's police had a racism problem.

The Eritrean's comments formed part of a preliminary report by the UN team on their week-long visit to Germany, presented at a press conference in Berlin on Monday.

The UN group - two lawyers and a human rights expert - visited Berlin, Dessau, Dresden, Frankfurt, Wiesbaden, Düsseldorf, Cologne and Hamburg from February 20th to 27th. Even after their first visit, the team were clear that they saw systemic problems with racism in Germany, and an "incomplete understanding of history" that makes the situation largely invisible to the rest of the population.

“Although the constitution guarantees equality, bans racial discrimination and enshrines the inviolability of human dignity, these principles are not put into practise,” the group concluded.

They expressed particular concern that African men are often too afraid to enter certain parts of the country, due to fear of being attacked.

But the report was also sharply critical of the school system.

“Many African Muslim pupils at German schools describe their experiences as traumatic, as they not only experience racism as black people but also as Muslims," the report noted.

“According to what we have heard from civil society, more and more children from African backgrounds are being given marks by teachers which block their paths into higher education."

The group also accused the police of racial profiling, and said that "institutional racism" and racist stereotypes has led to a failure by authorities to thoroughly investigate and prosecute people who commit racist violence and hate crimes.

“The repeated denial that racial profiling exists in Germany by police authorities and the lack of an independent complaint mechanism at [the] federal and state level fosters impunity,” said Ricardo Sunga, head of the UN team, in a statement.

The group also noted that street names such as Mohrenstraße were insulting to Africans, according to Die Welt. Mohr is an outdated German word for a black person.
"People of African heritage live right a the bottom of German society. The only jobs left for them are the ones no one else wants to do,” the UN experts concluded.

The report put forward some preliminary recommendations, including that Germany should gather statistics on the number of people with African roots who live in the country.

According to Sunga, there are as many as one million people with African roots in Germany - over one percent of the population - and gathering more information on them would “make them visible.”


Following several complaints about the time schedule of your favorite advertising and entertaining platform "WEEKEND VYBEZ", the time has been changed with effect from today, Saturday, the 25th of March 2017. The program is hosted by one of Germany's prolific radio voices, Effiya and co-host Hennoch on Radio TopAfric Germany. The show has captivated a massive audience who crave for a more convenient time so they could really enjoy the program.http://topafric.radio.de

The program which previously aired every Sunday 20:00 - 22:00Hrs (CET), will from now air every Saturday.


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Don't miss today's program as it promised to bring you intriguing interviews, thought provoking topics, fun, gist, news update on Germany, beyond and many more, that will brighten up your Saturdays every weekend. Do visit our website www.topafric.com for more news update on German. Also like our Facebook page, twitter, Instagram and snapchat and keep yourself informed, wherever you are.

Weekend Vybez! http://topafric.radio.de
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The KidsRadio project aims at strengthening the self-confidence of children and young adults.  It is designed to offer the participants a platform where they can learn how to be radio presenters. It is a way to help them decide early on what they wish to pursue in life.

The ultimate goal is for one or two extraordinary talented kids to have their own radio program at Radio TopAfric. The program is design for kids and young adults between the ages of 10 -21, who want to run a radio program and become stars of tomorrow. It will also teach them how to blog as well.

The workshop which will run for 3 months and will accommodate about 10 participants. Workshop training will take place only on the weekends. The workshop will only last for 90 minutes each Saturday. From 3pm – 4.30pm 

Module 1: Research & Interview:
A: We teach them how to research topics and personalities via the internet prior to hosting an interview or prior to doing a live show on radio.
B: We also teach them how to find topics of interest.
C: We teach them how to work in groups and also how to ask the right questions? 

Module 2: Promo & Equipment
A: We teach them how to promote themselves through social media
B: We teach them how to handle the Microphone and equipment

Module 3: Record live show & Blog
A: We teach them how to record a live radio show
B: We teach them what needs to be done after ending a live radio show and also how to post a recorded show on a blog site as well as how to blog.

Cooperation partner:
Our co-operation partner is LUKULULE e.V. They will provide a network of young artists and professional artists that will be helping TopAfric and participants. For example, a play coach will work with our participants so that the participants will be strengthened for a live online show.

The participant will be glad to be part of this one time experience, after the course, all participants will receive a certificate from TopAfric. The workshop is led by Jesse Georgy, a journalist from NDR, who has experience in team leadership at the Lukukule e.V.

The Ghana Community in Hamburg is to conduct an election to elect new executive members of the Ghana Union. The election is schedule to take place on Saturday, the 9th of September 2017. From 17.00 – 20.00
The event is taking place at the First Foundation, Mexico Ring 19, 22297 Hamburg (City Nord)

The following Ghana Union Executive positions are to be contested for:
1. President
2. Vice President
3. General Secretary???
4. Vice General Secretary
5. Financial Secretary
6. Youth Organizer
7. Organizing Secretary
8. Women Organizer


  • To support the social and economic welfare of Ghanaians in Hamburg
  • To provide leadership and direction for economic growth
  • To stimulate the spirit of patriotism amongst Ghanaians living in Hamburg
  • To encourage networking amongst Ghanaian institutions home and abroad
  • To represent and serve as a mouth piece of the Ghana Community

The Union of Ghanaian Associations in Germany (UGAG) e.V. has through Mr. William Nketia (President) confirmed their participation. They will be in to observe the elections.

Hamburg has the largest number of Ghanaians in Germany, a free and fair election is paramount to all

God Bless Ghana
God Bless GermanyContact:
Desmond John Beddy -/Electoral Chairman

Tel: 017632140550
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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