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The former Chancellor of Germany; Helmut Kohl is dead. The CDU confirmed this: "We mourn," wrote the Christian Democratic Party of Germany on Twitter. From 1982 to 1998, Kohl was the sixth Federal Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany. Before then, he was the regional minister of Rhineland-Pfalz (1969-1976). Between 1973 and 1998 he was the Chairman of CDU in Germany. He is regarded as the "Chancellor of Unity," and the collapse of the GDR and the reunification of Germany coincided with his time as prime minister.

In the year 2000, Kohl had to resign from his position as honorary chairman of the CDU because of his role in the party's donation party. He had refused to provide information about the names of donors. Kohl said at the time that he had given them his word of honor. In his last years of life, Kohl underwent some serious operations and sat in a wheelchair.

May he Rest in Peace

A Kenyan lady has passed away in Hamburg and the State is looking for her next of kin. It has been close to a month since the lady passed and her family is yet to be found.

A month ago a Kenyan passed away in Hamburg, during the wake organised by the community where funeral arrangements were to be discussed, another Kenyan lady that had attended the event tripped on her way out and fell on the staircase. The lady identified as Wachia Manambo or as Jaridine (Jardin) Graff, would then be rushed to hospital for treatment. On 23rd May, Ms. Manambo passed on at the hospital.

Since end of May, Kenyans in Hamburg have sent out appeals in an attempt to locate her family but to no avail. As time is running out, the Kenyan community in Hamburg is sending out an appeal to Kenyans around the world to share this story and help find Ms. Manambo’s family.

Anyone with information on how her family may be contacted or who her family is, please contact the

Kenyan Embassy in Berlin – +49 30 259 266 0
Reto Wakenya Pamoja, community organisation in Hamburg – +49 152 139 10054


The journalists created 12 fake identities, each of them a single professional in their mid-twenties who could write in perfect German. The only difference between them was that some of them had German names, while the others had Turkish, Arabic, Polish or Italian names.

Using the fake identities, the journalists sent 20,000 viewing requests for apartments in ten of Germany's biggest cities. In 8,000 cases, they received replies.

The results showed that people with Turkish or Arabic names have a particularly hard time of it on the rental market. 

For every successful attempt to view a property by someone with a German name, someone with a Turkish or Arabic name would be overlooked on every fourth occasion.

And Turkish men had the toughest time of all. They did not receive a positive reply in a third of cases where Germans did. Turkish women, on the other hand, were ignored in 16 percent of cases where Germans were accepted.

But the investigation also showed discrimination against Poles and Italians. People with Polish names did not receive an invite in 12 percent of cases where a German did, while that figure was 8 percent for Italians.

Stark variations were also observed between the different cities.

In the competitive rental markets in Munich and Frankfurt, people with foreign names were most likely to face discrimination. In the Bavarian capital, those with non-German names did not receive a positive answer in almost one in two cases where a German did get a reply - in Frankfurt in every third case.

In Leipzig and Magdeburg on the other hand, flat-hunters with foreign names were discriminated against in less than one in every five cases.

The study also showed that private landlords are more likely to reject a someone with a foreign-sounding name than commercial landlords.


2 Men Attack 3 Women in Berlin Theater

Three women were physically attacked and threatened with a knife on Sunday evening when they asked two male cinema-goers to put out their cigarettes.
The two men, both 21 years of age, were sitting in the row in front of the women in a cinema in the Tiergarten neighbourhood when the incident occurred, police report.

But instead of stubbing out their cigarettes, they turned around, hit the women in the face, ripped at their clothes and then threatened them with a knife.

The young men then fled from the cinema in a taxi. But the women were able to note down the taxi number, leading police to arrest the pair shortly afterwards.

The women were treated at the scene by medics.

Source: www.thelocal.de

This is an excellent opportunity for ambitious migrant students to gain scholarships. The Schotstek program connects and provides everything students need for a successful Education. The Schotstek scholarship not only includes financial support but also includes educational guideance. Deadline is Thurdays, 29th of June 2017!Schotstek scholarship candidates can be from Germany or have come to Germany for studies. Scholarships are available for Bachelor and Master Students as well as for medical / law students. Since 2013, Schotstek has been awarding scholarships to migrant students. They support and counsel them during their studies. It is also important to mention that they help young graduates in their early career life.

Sigrid Berenberg
Alsterufer 30
20354 Hamburg
Tel. 040 79025410 | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. | www.schotstek.com

The Saturday evening weather was beautiful, the location was excellent, the fans were beautifully dressed and eager but ready to be entertained but instead H_art The Band Seduced the sexy fans into esctacy with their melodic sounds.

H_art the Band, a trio from Kenya, came to Hamburg on June the 24th, 2017, to end their 3 city Europe tour.  The tour started in Amsterdam, went through Berlin, and then ended in Hamburg.

Although the turn out could have been better, the entire event was a great success.  The band laughed, danced, joked, and sang for the beautiful ladies who came to the event.

H_art the band is comprised of 3 brothers who met each at the Kenyan National Theatre and then formed a group.  They are Wachira Gatama a.k.a Skoko, Kenneth Muya a.k.a kenchezmuya and Mordecai Mwini who simply goes by Mordecai.

The name H_art Means art from the heart. The underscore is the bridge between the heart and art because aside from music they also do art as well which makes them artistic people.

The event was organized by Miss Kenya Germany Organization.  It took place at the Shulterblatt-Hause 73 in the Sternchanze region of Hamburg, Germany. It lasted for over 3 hours.

Man attacks Lesbian Couple in Berlin
A man attacked a lesbian couple in the centre of Berlin on Sunday afternoon as they were sitting on a park bench.
The 30-year-old approached the women and started talking to them in English. When they told him they weren't interested in a conversation, he went away.But shortly later he returned and stood right in front of one of the pair, who pushed him away. He immediately reacted by kicking and punching her in the head.
When the women’s 28-year-old girlfriend tried to defend her, the man threw a bottle at her head and began to strangle her. The woman fell to the floor and lost consciousness.
Bypassers who were alerted to the assault were able to restrain the man until police arrived.
Source: www.thelocal.de

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