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Two German pairs paddled to Olympic glory within an hour of each other on the Dorney Lake on Thursday, which meant that Germany leapfrogged France in the medals table to take 6th place.

Germany's Peter Kretschmer and Kurt Kuschela won the 1,000-metre canoe sprint title, while Franziska Weber and Tina Dietze won the women's kayak 500-metre sprint gold with two furious final sprints. Kretschmer and Kuschela pulled past the leading Azerbaijani boat in the final stretch to take the top prize, Der Spiegel magazine reported. "It was like in a trance," Kuschela said after the race. "When I looked across I realized they didn't have any more, and we gave it everything."

Silver and bronze were taken by the Belarus and Russia pairs, who finished nearly three seconds later. German cheers rang out across the water again an hour later, when Weber and Dietze stormed home half a second ahead of the Hungarian pair.

"It's unbelievable," gushed Weber. "We've never done anything like this before; I've got no idea where that came from." Unlike their male team-mates, the two women dominated their race from the beginning.

But the men of course said their slower start had been all part of their plan. "We used to make the mistake of starting the race very aggressively, which tired us out before the end," Kuschela had already said on his home club's website in Potsdam.

"Now we start with a long stroke at the beginning, and let the other pull a bit more at first," he said. "After five strokes we've got our rhythm and try and work our way to the front."

There was disappointment though for pink-haired star high-jumper Ariane Friedrich, who failed to make the final at the Olympic Stadium. Friedrich failed to jump the 1.96 metres she needed to progress.

Questions are now bound to be raised about her selection, since the unfit star had failed to reach the German Olympic Federation's qualification height of 1.95 metres all season.

The Local/bk

The Setting; Hamburg. The Story; Touching.  The Crew; Young, Dynamic and Multi National. It was quite interesting talking to these guys because they were so full of energy and life and most of all, they are so hopeful that this is going to take them to places. The group of five youngsters led by the Bradley Iyamu a.k.a Young CRhyme a Hamburg based artist. After a short round of introductions, the show kicked off proper.

QUESTION: Bradley I know you as a musician; a singer, rapper and songwriter, how did you come about the idea of the?

BRADLEY: I’ve always wanted to do a movie because I actually did my first movie some years ago. It was a short movie sponsored by Hennessy.

QUESTION: This is the first ever black movie in Germany, we know how difficult it is for singers and actors of coloured to breakthrough here, how did you manage it?

BRADLEY: Well, it wasn’t easy but I was adamant about what I want to do and once I set my mind on it, I just do it. I talked to some guys with whom I worked once for sponsorship and they were keen and that´s how it all came to be.

Question: Have you guys acted before or this is your first time?

PRINCE: Yes I acted the role of Simba in The Lion King. The musical in Hamburg. Steve: No I have not before. This is my first said Robert and Bortey too.

QUESTION: How does it feel like to be on set?

STEVE: Initially it wasn’t easy. I was nervous but as time went on, I relaxed and it came easily.

QUESTION: Can you tell us a bit about the movie?

PRINCE: Hakeem’s friends mistakenly broke the present his father bought for his mother and they have 24 hours to replace it so they went into the streets of Hamburg in search of money to buy a new present for Hakeem’s mom and in the course of doing so, they got themselves involved with some bad guys who loaned them money that they had to pay back in 24 hours and since there was no other way to make the money other than do some dirty deals which took them on an adventurous journey.

QUESTION: In the course of shooting, did you meet real bad guys? The ones you wouldn`t want to be acquainted with on a good day?

Everyone laughed…

BORTEY: Though the movie was shot in the parts of Hamburg referred to as the ghetto because that’s where a lot of shady activities take place, we didn’t get to meet any bad guy, moreover the area is not as people tend to make it seem. QUESTION: This could be a gateway to stardom for all of you, have you dealt with the question what if that happens and how you’re going to cope with it because things might not be the same again?

PRINCE: Well, that would be a dream come true BORTEY: We would be happy because it’s all of wish to make it in the movies someday

QUESTION: Why the name THUG, why not any other name?

BRADLEY: Because I love hustling. I’m a real hustler. Starting from when I was growing up, I’ve always kind of hustled.

QUESTION: You studied Marketing at Hamburg University and you sing and now you’re into movie making, are you planning to do that fulltime or it’s just for a while?

BRADLEY: Well, actually I’m into a lot of things. I’m a businessman. Currently I’m setting up a beauty shop with some friends and that will be opened in three months time. And of course after this, I´m already planning the next movie.

QUESTION: And what’s it going to be like, do you have one ready or you’re still thinking of writing one?

BRADLEY: I don’t wanna say too much, but let me just say the end of this movie will be open and that might mean a part 2.

QUESTION: Do you guys have anything to say to youngsters like you out there?

PRINCE: Keep the dream alive and continue struggling till you breakthrough and I want to use this opportunity to thank Bradley for this golden opportunity.

STEVE: Life in Germany is not so easy, especially for people of coloured but just persevere and you will win.

BORTEY: No pain, no gain. Keep at it and you’ll get there

Lilian: Presenter of “ Lets Talk” on Topafric.com

My name is Hanna Buschke and I am a student at the Ruhr University Bochum. For my Master thesis I am carrying out a study of what Ghanaian migrants value in life and what influence they have on their community in Ghana.

For this research I am looking for Ghanaians, who have lived at least 1 year in Germany and who would participate in a survey, which will contribute to a better understanding of the effects of migration.
The research is strictly only for scientific purposes. This means that it is an anonymous and voluntary questionnaire and the information will be kept confidentially.

Most people need roughly 20 minutes to finish the questionnaire. If you are interested in participating, you can either fill the questionnaire online  to organize a telephone interview.

Your participation as well as your feedback will be highly appreciated! For questions please do not hesitate to contact me via e-mail:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

HThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


On the 15th of October, 2013, a Ghanaian man died in a bakery in Hamburg, Germany while he was using the goods elevator. The elevator had a height of 80cm (2feet 60inches) and is normally used for light goods such as pots, pans, and dishes.

The police found out, that the man wanted to use the elevator to go from the ground floor to the basement. While he tried that he got stuck in the elevator and died. The fire service was able to open the elevator after 30 minutes and recover the body of the 51 year old man.

The exact reason for his death is still uncertain. Condolences go out to the immediate family of the deceased.

Source: Bild.de /Topafric

Are you a visionary! Do you have a dream! Can you transform and dynamic! Can you mobilize and a Ghanaian living in and around Hamburg? Then this is the opportunity to serve your people.

Ghanaians in Hamburg are searching for new executive officers, with leadership qualities befitting the largest black African community in Germany.

For the first time in our history, we are using all available medium to reach Ghanaians irrespective of color or passports they hold to lead us. The most important deciding factor is their love for Ghana, commitment and ability to deliver.

We have in the past criticized and ridiculed past leaders for their inability to perform. We are therefore challenging all who believe they can do better to come forward, necessitate the change we have been crying for all these years.

“The cowards shall never come forward, but make the most noise after the elections are over”

The positions are:
President; Vice President; General Secretary; Assistance General Secretary; Treasurer and Youth Organizer. You must be 35 years or younger to occupy the position of youth organizer.

What makes it more interesting is that you need to be only 21 years old, speak good Germany and fluent English. Besides one needs to be endorse by two existing NGO’s, Churches, Mosque or benevolence associations in Hamburg.

You might have some of these leadership skills;
Ability to Delegate, Communicate, Sense of Humor, Confidence, Commitment, Positive Attitude, Creativity, Intuition, Ability to Inspire, Honesty, ability to manage Criticism, one above your followers! .

Should you be lacking a few of the qualities listed above, the community shall provide you leadership training to update and upgrade you.

You and your group of leaders should within two years attain the following:

  1. Ghana Community Databank, Registration & ID Cards: (The Electoral College shall make available, the existing data).
  2. Establish an office, with a paid assistance.
  3. Make Ghana Union interesting to the masses especially the youth.
  4. Capitalize on its huge populace as a capital drive and not a begging Institution

Closing date:

After 30th of September, a communiqué shall be sent to the Ghana embassy in Berlin and the Consulate in Hamburg. A venue shall then be arranged and free and fair elections conducted.

The Electoral College; shall be dissolved immediately after successful elections.

God Bless Ghana! God Bless Germany

Desmond John Beddy -/Chairperson, Electoral College

Wandsbeker Chaussee 15
22089 Hamburg

Mobile: +49 (0) 176 32140550

Office: +49 (0) 40 88307599

Radio: +49 (0) 40 25491970

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

“Sir your people complain, you do not honor most invitations”, he answered "it is very expensive for the state when the ambassador travel. You can therefore not expect seeing me at funerals and parties at the expense of the state, there are more urgent needs to attend to.

“Sir what legacy do you intend leaving after your duty”, he answered by saying “lets people judge me by my work.” I went on to ask; “Sir! Do you know most people know the responsibility of an ambassador?” His Excellency felt provoked and fought back, if you know why ask then.

The man is straight, tolerates no nonsense and has no room for pampering; this most often is interpreted as been arrogant.

I must however admit knowing less about his private life, he was a former Director of Passports at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Ghana.

Whilst in Germany his favorite Ghanaian community was Stuttgart, he felt they were more discipline, and result oriented. The less was Hamburg, which is home to probable the largest Ghanaian community in Germany (chaotic with the highest misplaced priorities).

The man did all he could to help undertake educational projects, after noticing standard of education among African kids, especially those born here in Germany was in shambles. He held meetings with his ambassadorial colleagues to help address the issues. He donated money towards the AYE AWARDS; agree to be a patron to the project.

He is however, of the view that African communities in Germany must not wait for others to come to their aid.. They must do more when it comes to education and health.

“A lost sheep needs to be shown the way” The embassies in Berlin, especially the influential countries like South Africa, Nigeria, Angola, Sudan, Ethiopia & Kenya can be useful and helpful in promoting educational projects.

Party Politics:
I am sure he has a hell fighting members of the NDC members in Germany. H.E. Paul King Aryene was posted here on the ticket of the NDC Government, then under the leadership of the late President Prof. Attah Mills. Ghanaians are still suffering from the Winner Take All Syndrome. He decided to serve Ghanaians and not a section of the community.

The NDC guys were not amused.

I am convinced; at this point of our political dispensation it is better to appoint career diplomats to ambassadorial positions than political appointees. The latter group lacks experience and bias to their political ancestry.

Bilateral Trade -/ Ghana-Germany & Tourism:
These are areas I would have love to access our Ambassador, but unfortunately there is no data for me to access. The volume of trade between both countries and how beneficial is it to Ghana. Others might want me to mention AID. Sorry I don’t believe in AID.

In Germany there is nothing for free! Africans should stop thinking they get freebies from the WEST. It is give and take, makes our leaders lazy and more corrupt.

A delegate from Hamburg asked “Sir you seem to be very humble” I am paid to work for you, but not to boss over you.

I guess our readers are wondering if the man was flawless all these years. The answer is NO.

Visas & Passports Palaver:
In my judgment the above situation has escalated, initially the passports has to be done in Spain and other European countries. Today, the passports are made and sign in Berlin, so why the delay?

The visa gives me more headache, more especially the EXPRESS VISA, people travel to Berlin, pay for express services and yet come home without the visa.The following could be done to help address the issue:

1.       Public Awareness:
How long it takes to secure a normal passport and express passports.
How long it takes to secure a normal visa and an express visa.

2.       Telephone services:
I have been at the embassy on several occasion and observed the ladies answering calls were over burden. More personal to handle calls. 

3.       More personal:
With our brothers and sisters from Spain and Italy joining us, our population has doubled. The compulsory ID Cards also need extra time.
More personal at least at the consular section, to take care of the extra services.

Fact is:
H.E Madame Fatoumata Siré Diakité, former ambassador of Mali to Germany, H.E Abdul Rimdap, former ambassador of Nigeria to Germany and H.E Paul King Aryene, former ambassador of Ghana to Germany, are my best African ambassadors to Germany.

I asked His Excellency several questions! He asked only one “ what have you also done for your people” I felt very uncomfortable & defeated. After a couple weeks I called and said let’s do something about the youth and education.

We wish His Excellency all the best.

God Bless Germany! God Bless Africa

Desmond John Beddy

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