Barack Obama came to end Wars.


"Barack Obama came to end wars, not to start them" he siad whilst in Africa. That I am disappointed in Barack Obama is no news, but that he is attempting to commit the same error under the pretext of pressure is unacceptable.

Obama toppled the only African president (Muammar Muhammad Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi), who provided the best infrastructure for his people;

today we are all witnessing the chaos in Libya. His own Ambassador Christopher Stevens was killed during an attack on the U.S. compound in Benghazi Libya on 11th September 2012. One may ask “What lessons has Mr. Obama; the most powerful man on earth learnt”

Colin Powel was deceived by George Bush Jnr. to lie to the whole world that Saddam Hessein has chemical weopons, this eventually turn up to be the dissaster of the century. This fine gentleman can never erase this from his profile. Obama must be firm, you came to end wars!

The president whom I cherish that much, is at it again; going or attempting to drop bombs in Syria that shall be killing innocent children & women, only to please his king makers and satisfy their ego. At the end, Assad shall remain the president of his country, assuming otherwise, you eliminate a dictator and in his place, install terrorist, jihadist & Al Qaeda to govern the Syrian people.

The question is:
What does Barrack Husein Obama wants to achieve?

When two bad boys are fighting! We don’t separate… keep your distance

Barack Obama came to Washington to end wars. Not to start them, & yes you said chemical weapons is red line to wage war! Let the UN Inspectors come out with their results, for you to justify your redline statement, Obama! Keep on deliberating...

Desmond John Beddy

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