Is the Dove (Mandela) subjected to any form of torture again?


The release of this article and Mandela 95th birthday coincided, And am sure the headline will certainly confuse or perhaps elicit anger to some readers who undoubtly are celebrating his birthday and as well soberly reflecting on his health condition, had I used

my words directly this way. That is „ Is Mandela subjected to any form of tortured again? “

Yes, I used Dove instead of Mandela to shield the wrath of my readers because many people would get it wrong probably thinking it a mark of disrespect for the Anti Apartheid Icon whereas that’s not the case, after all who am I to contemplate such?.

Besides, it would be needless for me to try in any way to describe further or write introductory note on a man the world has known and accepted as a global elder statesman for his contribution to humanity. An extra-ordinary figure, the best of writers had taken note on and had written many things about mainly for his exemplary life of reconciliation and forgiveness.

In any case, the object of this piece is not to recount the personality, profile or person of this great god-like man hero, who for some time now has being facing another battle in Pretoria hospital, rather my worries is that maybe he´s in another form of tortured again in the hand of those who had persecuted, tortured and imprisoned him for 27yrs. With the different this time being that his doctors, family and Government official are the ones doing the torture in the name of saving his life. Otherwise one would ask why a man who had lived in limbo once be subjected to further unnecessary torture.

Nevertheless, my anguish is about the deteriorating health condition of the global Icon. The very fact that a lot of inconsistent stories has been streaming out of South Africa, from hospital denials of his present health condition to Government false promises of recuperating now and then; And of course the shameless family bickering of where to bury him and other disgusting public dirty washing.

It’s understandable and accepted that any old man whether Mandela or other folk who had being distressed, disturbed and distracted deserves to rest. To put it straight any man of Mandela age, who could neither add nor subtract in events around him, be allowed rest in the bosom of the lord. It’s so joyful when the person had achieved a lot in life.

Actually, my grouse is the needless prolonged confusing update of living on life support and being in a vegetative state, an absurd update that is causing people around the world some nightmares, which some believe is a form of torture and denigration. A condition not suitable for a figure model that deserves nothing but the best of treatment.

Another ugly scenario playing out there is the avoidable family conflict that has painted the Mandela’s in a very bad light world over, while the icon struggles! Sorry did I hear someone say struggles to live on or to rest? It’s painful to me and I believe many as well, when those in the knowing (human beings) fight nature. Mandela with his age deserve rest, pretending we could do magic by hanging onto to life support is a form of torture knowing full well in the end nature cannot be cheated.

For sure, we all know the pains and stress family goes loosing relative, not talk of a man of Mandela statue. But the biggest question is this, do we human beings have an alternative to prolong life indefinitely? The answer is a resounding NO, or Are we there yet? Well, In almost all culture and tradition, the silent prayer of mourners who gathered for burial of people who passed on at a ripe age is "God let me reach his or her age", so it would be wrong to hang and not allow the giant a peaceful good bye on time.

If there is anytime the world wants to show their respect and adoration for Mandela, it’s this time. Truly nobody is in a rush to die but we all know death is inevitable as we all will die one day. Please cure the dove or stop any further torturing.


Adams Kennedy Chidi

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