World Igbo Conference in Germany


The World Igbo Conference which was held on the 18th of August 2013 in Hamburg was a great success. The Theme of this year was “The making of an Igbo Nation”. I was very impressed on getting to the location, because it was well organized and nicely decorated. Everyone got a conference tag and an envelope containing a jotter, a pen and a program schedule. This indeed created a conference like feeling. The Event was a display of the rich Igbo culture and tradition. There were activities like cultural dancing, masquerade shows, rites, traditional Igbo music and of course not to forget a lot of money spraying. There was a lot to eat and drink, so that everyone ate and drank to their satisfaction

The Eze Ndi´Igbo (His Excellency Dr. Peter Godwin) amongst others also graced the event with his presence. The most emotional part of the event was when the Eze Ndi´Igbo, gave his speech and he could not contain his tears of joy because he was so happy at the success of the Event and the Igbo people in Germany.

As said earlier, the event was a great success and it was quite refreshing and modern to see a young EzeNdi´gbo. Nevertheless there are still some rooms for improvement. For example in the aspect of time management, a lot needs to be done, although the management apologized for delay, but it wasn´t enough for the time wasted. The title of the event was not suitable, because it was more of a party than a conference by the fact that there were no discussions and seminars but it was more of a festive atmosphere.

In summary, the event was a total success and there are still chances for some improvement but like they say, Rome was not built in a day and we learn from past experiences. More grease to your elbow Igbozurume Germany e.V .

By Ajibola Kolawole